Chartist children

Chartists often named their children after their Chartist heroes, including Feargus O’Connor, William Lovett, John Frost, Henry Vincent and Ernest Jones. This page lists 1,643 Chartist children.

A full list of 1,643 children named after O’Connor, Lovett, Frost, Vincent and Jones can be found here.

In his book Chartism and the Chartists in Manchester and Salford, the historian Paul A Pickering includes the following passage:

“Many chartist historians have taken the opportunity of making a light-hearted reference to the onerous burden placed on youngsters who were given names such as Feargus O’Connor Frost O’Brien McDouall Hunt Taylor and John Frost Feargus Bronterre Paine Smith, without going on to afford the practice much detailed attention. The Chartists themselves undoubtedly saw the humorous side of radical naming. The Brown Street Chartists, for example, wrote to Queen Victoria recommending that she name her new-born child after Feargus O’Connor, and when she did not reply two branch members named their child Regina Feargus Smith.”

The first many family historians know of a link between their forebears and Chartism comes when they discover an ancestor named after a leading figure in the movement. By searching the Free BMD website for all children born with first names such as “Feargus O’Connor” or “William Lovett” it is now possible to get some idea of how common it was for mid-nineteenth century parents to do this. A search conducted in April 2004 found 54 boys clearly named for the former and a further 19 for the latter.

Since then, the index has grown and the search has improved. When the exercise was repeated in November 2007, there were no fewer than 111 Feargus O’Connors and 26 William Lovetts. In addition to these there are hundreds who used these as middle names. And, of course, many more of the Fearguses and Williams of the time may have been named at least in part in this way. The number continues to grow, but at a slower pace as the FreeBMD project fills in the gaps in its coverage.

By far the most common Chartist name of the time was Henry Vincent, nearly 700 of whom can be found in the index – which must surely be a mark of the esteem in which the man who did so much to preach Chartism in Wales and the West Country was held. A further 263 children were named for Ernest Jones, leader of the later Chartist movement, while some 230 took their name from John Frost, the transported leader of the Newport uprising.

In addition to these, in March 2008 I discovered a large number of children with the name Charter or Charters. These have also been included. It is, of course, impossible to say with absolute certainty that these children were named after the People’s Charter, it seems to be by far the best explanation.

Although the bulk of the Chartist children were named during the Chartist period itself, some names remained popular right up to the first world war.

This page lists children whose first names appear to be those of well known Chartists. It includes 1,643 names in all.

The lists below includes a number of apparent spelling errors. These have been left as they are on the Free BMD website as it is not possible to tell whether these errors were made by the parents, the registrar, or the transcriber. Further details of the volume and page numbers where these births are registered, and information about how to obtain birth certificates is available at Free BMD.

Please note that all the names on Free BMD are from England and Wales. Civil registration of births in Scotland began only in 1855.

Find out more about these names and what it meant to grow up in a Chartist household.

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Feargus O’Connor as a first name – 111 names
Feargus O’Connor as a middle name – 68 names
John Frost as a first name – 230 names
John Frost as a middle name – 7 names
William Lovett – 26 names
Henry Vincent as first name – 673 names
Henry Vincent as a middle name – 21 names
Ernest Jones as a first name – 263 names
Charter as a first name – 33 names
Charter as a middle name – 211 names

Feargus O'Connor as a first name

NameRegistration districtQuarter year
Feargus O'Connor JenkinsonHalifaxDec 1839
Feargus O'Connor WynnHuddersfieldDec 1839
Feargus O'Connor RudmanHaslingdenMar 1840
Feargus O'Connor SalmonLeicesterMar 1840
Feargus O'Connor BeckettWakefieldSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor James BoothStockportSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor BoucherWestminsterSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor Vincent Bronterre HallowellHalifaxSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor HeppenstallWortleySep 1840
Feargus O'Connor JacksonBelperSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor JacksonTodmordenSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor KeeppenMelkshamSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor NewleyBethnal G'nSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor NewleyShoreditchSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor SmithiesHalifaxSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor SmithiesHalifaxSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor Alfred SykesHuddersfieldSep 1840
Feargus O'Connor BeckettSalfordDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor ExleyWakefieldDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor GriffithAshton under LyneDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor HurryNorwichDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor MeadowcroftManchesterDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor Vincent NewtonMansfieldDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor SmithHalifaxDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor SykesHuddersfieldDec 1840
Feargus O'Connor BarnesLeighMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor BrownLoughbroMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor CollinsCarlisleMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor Stephen EntwhistleChorleyMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor EwartDewsburyMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor GadsbyBasfordMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor GomersalDewsburyMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor GrovesChorltonMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor HelmAstonMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor Collins Frederick LisemoreBirminghamMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor MartStoke on TrentMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor John MillingtonSalfordMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor-John MillingtonSalfordMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor StanleyNorthamptonMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor ThorntonHuddersfieldMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor TurnerKidderminsterMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor WelldenEcclesall BierlowMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor WelldonEcclesall BierlowMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor WilkinsonBurnleyMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor WoodBradfordMar 1841
Feargus O'Connor BoldPlympton St MaryJun 1841
Feargus O'Connor ButlerNottinghamJun 1841
Feargus O'Connor ButlerNottinghamJun 1841
Feargus O'Connor EvansAshton &cJun 1841
Feargus O'Connor EvansAshton &cJun 1841
Feargus O'Connor KidsonHuddersfieldJun 1841
Feargus O'Connor Frost WrightBradfordJun 1841
Feargus O'Connor Hal* HolmshawSheffieldSep 1841
Feargus O'Connor Wallace HolmshawSheffieldSep 1841
Feargus O'Connor MinseyRochdaleSep 1841
Feargus O'Connor MooreChesterfieldSep 1841
Feargus O'Connor ScottChorltonSep 1841
Feargus O'Connor WalkerSunderlandSep 1841
Feargus O'Connor HolmesSkiptonDec 1841
Feargus O'Connor KnightsHoxneDec 1841
Feargus O'Connor RaistrickBradford YkDec 1841
Feargus O'Connor CooksAshton &cMar 1842
Feargus O'Connor CrosslandHalifaxMar 1842
Feargus O'Connor DouglasBlackburnMar 1842
Feargus O'Connor MarginsonPrestonMar 1842
Feargus O'Connor ThornburnCarlisleMar 1842
Feargus O'Connor LefeverEast LondonJun 1842
Feargus O'Connor Bermister PottsNuneatonJun 1842
Feargus O'Connor RobinsonBurnleyJun 1842
Feargus O'Connor RogersStockportJun 1842
Feargus O'Connor ToddWestminsterJun 1842
Feargus O'Connor WalkerSheffieldJun 1842
Feargus O'Connor WarburtonBradfordJun 1842
Feargus O'Connor BrownLeicesterSep 1842
Feargus O'Connor RogersStockportSep 1842
Feargus O'Connor TaylorHaslingdenSep 1842
Feargus O'Connor Cooper BeedhamLeicesterDec 1842
Feargus O'Connor PatrickNorwichJun 1843
Feargus O'Connor SeniorWakefieldJun 1843
Feargus O'Connor EntwistleBlackburnSep 1843
Feargus O'Connor OgdenManchesterDec 1843
Feargus O'Connor BaldryBury St EdmundsJun 1844
Feargus O'Connor BeswickAshtonSep 1844
Feargus O'Connor CookeAlcesterDec 1844
Feargus O'Connor DaleSheffieldMar 1846
Feargus O'Connor CarneyHuddersfieldSep 1846
Feargus O'Connor ThomlinsonBurnleySep 1846
Feargus O'Connor BulmerWakefieldDec 1846
Feargus O'Connor GregsonBurnleyDec 1846
Feargus O'Connor BurtonBradfordJun 1847
Feargus O'Connor BrownKensingtonSep 1847
Feargus O'Connor John StoneNottinghamSep 1847
Feargus O'Connor TaplinWorcesterSep 1847
Feargus O'Connor DeanBelperDec 1847
Feargus O'Connor PaytonBathMar 1848
Feargus O'Connor PaulGlosterSep 1848
Feargus O'Connor BirdCoventryMar 1849
Feargus O'connor PorterHalsteadJun 1849
Feargus O'Connor VickeryChardSep 1849
Feargus O'Connor YoudeGt BoughtonMar 1850
Feargus O'Connor MartinKensingtonDec 1853
Feargus O'Connor BreckBartonMar 1859
Feargus O'Connor ParkerDaventryJun 1859
Feargus O'Connor RaymentHalsteadJun 1863
Feargus O'Connor TownshendNewcastle TMar 1870
Feargus O'Connor WilsonStaffordMar 1873
Feargus O'Connor RussellSteyningMar 1877
Feargus O'Connor GorehamYarmouthDec 1878
Feargus O'Connor StewardNorwichMar 1882
Feargus O'Connor HeppenstallLeedsDec 1885
Feargus O'Connor DaleSheffieldMar 1895

Feargus O'Connor as a middle name

NameRegistration districtQuarter
Aaron Feargus O'Connor AxfordStroudSep 1840
Charles Feargus O'connor KingSheffieldSep 1840
Sarah Feargus O'Connor PinnitonBurnleySep 1840
Richard Feargus O'Connor SeedSouthamptonSep 1840
William Feargus O'Connor SimmonsBethnal GnSep 1840
Joseph Feargus O'Connor Frost Williams Jones SmithLeicesterSep 1840
Sarah Feargus O'Connor TaylorHayfieldSep 1840
James Feargus O'Connor WestmoreManchesterSep 1840
George Feargus O'Connor WilsonCarlisleSep 1840
James Feargus O'Connor BennettBuryDec 1840
Elizabeth Feargus O'Connor BuryBuryDec 1840
George Feargus O'Connor DavidsonChorltonDec 1840
William Feargus O'Connor Frost EllisBrightonDec 1840
Elizabeth Feargus O'Connor HancockStoke on TrentDec 1840
Jane Feargus O'Connor HaswellBradfordDec 1840
Jane Feargus O'Connor HaswellBradford upon AvonDec 1840
John Feargus O'Connor HurleyBoltonDec 1840
Alice Feargus O'Connor IsherwoodBuryDec 1840
Jane Feargus O'Connor MccarthyE. LondonDec 1840
Thomas Feargus O'Connor MorrowManchesterDec 1840
Joseph Feargus O'Connor PuntBradfordDec 1840
Joseph Feargus O'Connor RiddleyCarlisleDec 1840
Arthur Feargus O'connor SharpNottinghamDec 1840
Jane Feargus O'Connor SinclairCarlisleDec 1840
Samuel Feargus O'Connor WalkerManchesterDec 1840
Francis Feargus O'Connor WrightNorwichDec 1840
Thomas Feargus O'Connor ClarkLancasterMar 1841
Jane Feargus O'Connor CraddockNorthamptonMar 1841
Thomas Feargus O'Connor GarbettLiverpoolMar 1841
Isabella Feargus O'Connor HeathStockportMar 1841
Maria Feargus O'Connor Frost HughesChorltonMar 1841
Robert Feargus O'Connor JohnsonDerbyMar 1841
James Feargus O'Connor KingManchesterMar 1841
William Feargus O'Connor MellorStockportMar 1841
Emmet Feargus O'Connor PillingAshton &Mar 1841
Mary Feargus O'Connor SandersonHayfield &Mar 1841
Jane Feargus O'Connor SedgwickSalfordMar 1841
William Feargus O'Connor StrattonRotherhitheMar 1841
Alfred Feargus O'Connor AnthonyBasfordJun 1841
Elizabeth Feargus O'Connor Fresh BentleyDewsburyJun 1841
James Feargus O'Connor HowarthBoltonJun 1841
William Feargus O'Connor TannerTotnesJun 1841
William Feargus O'Connor WiddowsonBasfordJun 1841
Wallis Feargus O'Connor FinchBasfordSep 1841
Wall* Frost Feargus O'Connor HopcraftBasfordSep 1841
John Feargus O'Connor JoyManchesterSep 1841
Elizabeth Feargus O'Connor SmithSheffieldSep 1841
Walter Feargus O'Connor FittNorwichDec 1841
James Feargus O'Connor HansonDewsburyDec 1841
Mary Feargus O'Connor MawsonHaslingdenDec 1841
John Feargus O'Connor PeelHalifaxDec 1841
James Feargus O'Connor HallDursleyMar 1842
James Feargus O'Connor RileyHalifaxMar 1842
Priscilla Feargus O'Connor ToyLeedsMar 1842
John Feargus O'Connor HowesNorwichJun 1842
James Feargus O'Connor HuttLeicesterJun 1842
George Feargus O'Connor LewisBrightonJun 1842
James Feargus O'Connor CollinsClerkenwellSep 1842
Edwin Feargus O'Connor MaddoxStoke upon TrentSep 1842
Robert Feargus O'connor OwenSheffieldSep 1842
William Feargus O'Connor TilleyLeicesterSep 1842
William Feargus O'connor HemmingCoventryDec 1842
Sarah Feargus O'Connor HukinSheffieldMar 1843
James Feargus O'Connor SavoryWarringtonJun 1843
James Feargus O'connor PlunkettBethnal GreenDec 1843
James Feargus O'Connor LyndonBirminghamDec 1846
Jesse Feargus O'Connor PluckWithamDec 1846
Joseph Feargus O'Connor RobertsWellington SomJun 1847

John Frost as a first name

NameRegistration DistrictQuarter Year
John Frost BennBradford YkSep 1839
John Frost JonesLeedsDec 1839
John Frost RodwellSt PancrasMar 1840
John Frost SchofieldAshton &cMar 1840
John Frost TathamSkiptonMar 1840
John Frost BabbidgeIsle of WightJun 1840
John Frost HughesManchesterJun 1840
John Frost TateHullJun 1840
John Frost TuckwoodNottinghamJun 1840
John Frost HaslamChesterfieldSep 1840
John Frost HolmesHaltwhistleSep 1840
John Frost MastersNewportSep 1840
John Frost RobinsonSaddleworthSep 1840
John Frost SimmonsTavistockSep 1840
John Frost Fergus Bronterre Paine SmithManchesterSep 1840
John Frost TuckerTavistockSep 1840
John Frost UnderwoodAstonSep 1840
John Frost AshworthRochdaleDec 1840
John Frost AthertonWiganDec 1840
John Frost CavillMeltn. Mowby.Dec 1840
John Frost DavisMerthyr TydfilDec 1840
John Frost GibbonsCarlisleDec 1840
John Frost GordonNewport MDec 1840
John Frost IsherwoodBoltonDec 1840
John Frost JudsonYorkDec 1840
John Frost KennedyNottinghamDec 1840
John Frost NealBirminghamDec 1840
John Frost WestonWestminsterDec 1840
John Frost BerryDurham &cMar 1841
John Frost BoltonAshtonMar 1841
John Frost BoltonAshton &Mar 1841
John Frost CrossleyBuryMar 1841
John Frost FittonAshton &Mar 1841
John Frost GrayTynemouthMar 1841
John Frost GrayTynemouthMar 1841
John Frost HarperIslingtonMar 1841
John Frost HoggBradfordMar 1841
John Frost LoweManchesterMar 1841
John Frost MaltbyNottinghamMar 1841
John Frost MaltbyNottinghamMar 1841
John Frost RitchardsStockton &Mar 1841
John Frost TiffineyHalifaxMar 1841
John Frost TiffineyHalifaxMar 1841
John Frost WadeBurnleyMar 1841
John Frost O Connor BakerW BromwichJun 1841
John Frost O'Connor BakerW BromwichJun 1841
John Frost BartlettSherborneJun 1841
John Frost BrainCliftonJun 1841
John Frost C__N__ ENDEANTruroJun 1841
John Frost O'conner EndeanTruroJun 1841
John Frost GardnerLeedsJun 1841
John Frost GillMaldonJun 1841
John Frost GreyS. ShieldsJun 1841
John Frost HaswellMelkshamJun 1841
John Frost HemmingsStoke TrentJun 1841
John Frost HemmingsStoke TrentJun 1841
John Frost PedrickExeterJun 1841
John Frost RaynerEcclesfieldJun 1841
John Frost TisdaleLichfieldJun 1841
John Frost TurnerBirminghamJun 1841
John Frost BurnleyDewsburySep 1841
John Frost LeeHayfield &cSep 1841
John Frost MorrisAxbridgeSep 1841
John Frost PhillipDewsburySep 1841
John Frost RobertsNottinghamSep 1841
John Frost WalkerWiganSep 1841
John Frost WinterWakefieldSep 1841
John Frost WoolleyTiverton &cSep 1841
John Frost HollingworthAshton &cDec 1841
John Frost IbbotsonBradfordDec 1841
John Frost O'Connor LongmaidTruroDec 1841
John Frost WoodLeedsDec 1841
John Frost Martin YarnoldNottinghamDec 1841
John Frost O'Connor Bronterre BeanlandKeighleyMar 1842
John Frost BrayAbergavennyMar 1842
John Frost DaviesBurnleyMar 1842
John Frost GordonNewport MMar 1842
John Frost HopkinsBathMar 1842
John Frost HughesBanburyMar 1842
John Frost KershawAshton under LyneMar 1842
John Frost KnottAshtonMar 1842
John Frost NaylorDewsburyMar 1842
John Frost PinnellWarminsterMar 1842
John Frost TookeyBirminghamMar 1842
John Frost CastleHuddersfieldJun 1842
John Frost DunkleyLeicesterJun 1842
John Frost PadgetHullJun 1842
John Frost WrightLiverpoolJun 1842
John Frost DavisMerthyr TydfilSep 1842
John Frost BrownNewtownDec 1842
John Frost RutterStoke on TrentDec 1842
John Frost Day ShackletonWakefieldDec 1842
John Frost _Anner HoweWellingboro'Mar 1843
John Frost O'Connor MaymanAshton &cMar 1843
John Frost GrimshawAshton & cSep 1843
John Frost OsborneWestminsterSep 1843
John Frost AdamsFarehamDec 1843
John Frost OwenSalfordDec 1843
John Frost PlattAshtonMar 1844
John Frost IbbotsonAshtonJun 1844
John Frost NewhouseBirminghamJun 1844
John Frost SpencerManchesterSep 1844
John Frost BoothBuryDec 1844
John Frost EmeryNewport MDec 1844
John Frost TozerHerefordDec 1844
John Frost EvansSalfordJun 1845
John Frost NewleyBethnal GreenJun 1845
John Frost BlakeBury St EdSep 1845
John Frost LewisBrightonSep 1845
John Frost LucasBristolDec 1845
John Frost NorthcottNewton AbbotMar 1846
John Frost ArmstrongBramptonSep 1846
John Frost KershawAshton &cMar 1847
John Frost Alberry KirkNottinghamMar 1847
John Frost CattellW HamSep 1847
John Frost BriggsBelfordDec 1847
John Frost DayWestminsterDec 1847
John Frost EmeryNewportDec 1847
John Frost WalesThetfordJun 1848
John Frost HarrisonPontefractSep 1848
John Frost JonesBuryDec 1848
John Frost BurgessAltrinchamMar 1849
John Frost Arvey DayAxbridgeJun 1849
John Frost WilcockBradford YSep 1849
John Frost LucasBristolDec 1849
John Frost RaceChorltonDec 1849
John Frost PerhamTiverton &cDec 1850
John Frost CrewsStoke Daml.Mar 1851
John Frost WalesThetfordMar 1851
John Frost WalesMutfordMar 1851
John Frost RobinsonBarnsleyJun 1851
John Frost RadfordE LondonSep 1851
John Frost WardDockingDec 1851
John Frost CotterellNorwichJun 1853
John Frost FrostNorwichJun 1853
John Frost LlewellynWolstantonMar 1854
John Frost HarrisOkehamptonDec 1854
John Frost ScreechS ThomasDec 1854
John Frost FaiersBury St. E.Mar 1855
John Frost ManningSt ThomasJun 1855
John Frost MillmanPlymptonJun 1855
John Frost FisherElySep 1855
John Frost ThompsonChelseaSep 1855
John Frost DarbyIpswichDec 1855
John Frost HargreavesW.DerbyMar 1856
John Frost TurnerDriffieldMar 1856
John Frost CarrSpilsbyJun 1856
John Frost Donato JacksonBermondseySep 1856
John Frost OsborneSt Olave.SSep 1857
John Frost ReynoldsNewport MMar 1858
John Frost WallakerRochfordMar 1860
John Frost HillDerbyDec 1860
John Frost HubbardThetfordDec 1860
John Frost KeelingWolstantonDec 1860
John Frost LaphamTruroDec 1860
John Frost JohnstoneBasfordJun 1864
John Frost ButlerWolverhamptonJun 1865
John Frost MarsdenWakefieldJun 1865
John Frost WhiteCreditonDec 1865
John Frost EtteridgeBury St. E.Mar 1867
John Frost GallimoreSalfordMar 1868
John Frost RevillSouthwellMar 1868
John Frost HargraveLeedsJun 1868
John Frost MillerBristolJun 1868
John Frost HardingYarmouthSep 1868
John Frost RolfeNorthamptonDec 1868
John Frost P PellAshtonMar 1869
John Frost PriceKensingtonMar 1869
John Frost SmithW. BromwichJun 1870
John Frost LambertLewishamDec 1870
John Frost E LindoHullSep 1872
John Frost StockillStocktonDec 1872
John Frost BlandenWoodbridgeMar 1874
John Frost HartLancasterMar 1874
John Frost LordHaslingdenMar 1874
John Frost HollingworthShardlowDec 1874
John Frost NorthMansfieldMar 1875
John Frost SmithSt. SaviourMar 1875
John Frost FleetNewmarketJun 1875
John Frost WillcocksIslingtonSep 1875
John Frost LouthSpilsbyJun 1876
John Frost BuntingOldhamMar 1877
John Frost DawesChesterfieldMar 1877
John Frost ThomasMedwaySep 1877
John Frost BroomMaryleboneMar 1878
John Frost PrattRisbridgeMar 1878
John Frost PopeFalmouthSep 1878
John Frost KillworthRugbySep 1879
John Frost KilworthRugbySep 1879
John Frost OsbornSt. OlaveSep 1879
John Frost CooperLeekDec 1879
John Frost HewetsonSculcoatesDec 1879
John Frost WakelamDudleyDec 1879
John Frost InwoodWandsworthMar 1880
John Frost ForsterPancrasDec 1880
John Frost CairnsTynemouthMar 1882
John Frost SeckerHolbeckMar 1882
John Frost DoddExeterSep 1882
John Frost SavoryYarmouthMar 1884
John Frost CooperS.ShieldsMar 1885
John Frost BellSt. Neot'sJun 1885
John Frost DoddPaddingtonSep 1886
John Frost JohnsonGatesheadSep 1886
John Frost ClemanceSettleDec 1886
John Frost HaydonTivertonMar 1888
John Frost WoodS ShieldsJun 1888
John Frost SaundersLambethJun 1889
John Frost WylieShardlowJun 1890
John Frost PickwellBostonDec 1892
John Frost ShermanGuildfordDec 1892
John Frost WarringtonMacclesfieldMar 1893
John Frost BuntingBelperSep 1896
John Frost HarringtonEdmontonMar 1897
John Frost EggettStocktonSep 1898
John Frost MackintoshChorltonSep 1898
John Frost KershawOldham Sep 1899
John Frost BroughRothburyDec 1899
John Frost BrearleyOldhamJun 1900
John Frost WalkerBarnsleyJun 1901
John Frost D HarrisonBlackburnSep 1901
John Frost DettmerSunderlandDec 1901
John Frost HargreavesChorltonSep 1902
John Frost BatesWest BromwichDec 1902
John Frost WalkerMacclesfieldDec 1903
John Frost ThewSunderlandSep 1904
John Frost BoothBurySep 1906
John Frost AdamsAndoverMar 1908
John Frost ScottRichmond, S.Dec 1908
John Frost WinshipGatesheadDec 1908
John Frost CollinsLewishamDec 1909

John Frost as a middle name

NameRegistration DistrictQuarter
James John Frost MitchellPortsea I.Dec 1840
Richard John Frost O'Connor PerryCheltenhamDec 1840
Richard John Frost O'Connor PerryCheltenhamDec 1840
James John Frost GatesBrightonMar 1841
William John Frost ConnelAshton &cSep 1841
William John Frost TappShoreditchDec 1842
Abraham John Frost AustinThingoeSep 1859

William Lovett as a first name

NameRegistration DistrictQuarter Year
William Lovett LoasbyKetteringSep 1840
William Lovett BradleyBradfordDec 1840
William Lovett BennettClerkenwellMar 1841
William Lovett CarterCamberwellMar 1842
William Lovett LovettSt. Jas. Westr.Jun 1843
William Lovett MannHendonSep 1845
William Lovett Turling WadePlomesgateJun 1846
William Lovett BrutonNewentDec 1848
William Lovett HulmeManchesterSep 1857
William Lovett RaineDurhamJun 1859
William Lovett UnsteadReigateMar 1860
William Lovett HallpikeGreenwichSep 1864
William Lovett CarneLambethSep 1865
William Lovett GirlingBlythingMar 1868
William Lovett WingHertfordDec 1877
William Lovett CoopeAshtonJun 1879
William Lovett DaintryCambridgeDec 1884
William Lovett HardmanBoltonDec 1884
William Lovett GarrettGatesheadDec 1887
William Lovett RogersChorltonDec 1889
William Lovett AbbottTynemouthMar 1890
William Lovett WoodLeedsMar 1902
William Lovett CoventryW. DerbyDec 1905
William Lovett BriersLoughbro'Sep 1906
William Lovett EvansCorwenDec 1906
William Lovett TurnerAshtonJun 1908

Henry Vincent as first name

NameRegistration DistrictQuarter Year
Henry Vincent GrantIsle of ThanetSep 1837
Henry Vincent WoodEcclesfieldDec 1837
Henry Vincent MossStoneJun 1838
Henry Vincent FranklinStroudSep 1839
Henry Vincent HaswellMelkshamSep 1839
Henry Vincent SeniorSheffieldSep 1839
Henry Vincent SmithStroudSep 1839
Henry Vincent CrosslandBradford YDec 1839
Henry Vincent HarrisonNorthamptonMar 1840
Henry Vincent HarrisonNorthamptonMar 1840
Henry Vincent WilliamsNewportMar 1840
Henry Vincent HemeryKensingtonJun 1840
Henry Vincent MarshmanMelkshamJun 1840
Henry Vincent KnightTavistockSep 1840
Henry Vincent BentleyBradfordDec 1840
Henry Vincent CavillMelton MowbyDec 1840
Henry Vincent CorrallKetteringDec 1840
Henry Vincent GrassbySculcoatesDec 1840
Henry Vincent MilsomCheltenhamDec 1840
Henry Vincent PerrinWheatenhurstDec 1840
Henry Vincent RobinsonHullDec 1840
Henry Vincent SluggBradfordDec 1840
Henry Vincent SluggBradfordDec 1840
Henry Vincent O'Connor SmithPlymouthDec 1840
Henry Vincent TerryNewingtonDec 1840
Henry Vincent O'Connor BrierDewsburyMar 1841
Henry Vincent CheesmanHullMar 1841
Henry Vincent HaywardBathMar 1841
Henry Vincent HewkinSheffieldMar 1841
Henry Vincent LongCheltenhamMar 1841
Henry Vincent OpenshawRochdaleMar 1841
Henry Vincent SimsBathMar 1841
Henry Vincent SimsBathMar 1841
Henry Vincent SmithBradfordMar 1841
Henry Vincent SmithBradfordMar 1841
Henry Vincent HarringtonHalsteadJun 1841
Henry Vincent LittleDoverJun 1841
Henry Vincent SmithLeedsJun 1841
Henry Vincent DavisStowSep 1841
Henry Vincent WaglandCliftonSep 1841
Henry Vincent BagshawWakefieldDec 1841
Henry Vincent BaxterLeedsDec 1841
Henry Vincent HamerHalifaxDec 1841
Henry Vincent HanksCliftonDec 1841
Henry Vincent Pilkington*leyDec 1841
Henry Vincent SkinnerLewes &cDec 1841
Henry Vincent AldridgeSouthwellMar 1842
Henry Vincent O'Connor ApplebyBathMar 1842
Henry Vincent AtkinsPeterboroughMar 1842
Henry Vincent BattenChardMar 1842
Henry Vincent GortonBradford upon AvonMar 1842
Henry Vincent HamerHalifaxMar 1842
Henry Vincent RathboneStoke on TrentMar 1842
Henry Vincent SkeltonDursleyMar 1842
Henry Vincent SmithBirminghamJun 1842
Henry Vincent QuarmbyHuddersfieldSep 1842
Henry Vincent WarmingtonAlcesterDec 1842
Henry Vincent WhiffenN. AylesfordDec 1842
Henry Vincent DownsingIpswichMar 1843
Henry Vincent ButlerWisbechMar 1844
Henry Vincent ButterWisbeachMar 1844
Henry Vincent DyerChardJun 1844
Henry Vincent NorrisSouthamptonSep 1844
Henry Vincent MayesHackneyDec 1844
Henry Vincent CowleyBanburyMar 1845
Henry Vincent TreleavenLauncestonMar 1845
Henry Vincent HarveyMaldonJun 1845
Henry Vincent MossPotterspurySep 1845
Henry Vincent CollierNorthamptonDec 1845
Henry Vincent HewsonDownhamDec 1845
Henry Vincent HeatleyAlnwickJun 1846
Henry Vincent CoveKingsbridgeSep 1846
Henry Vincent MitchellBathSep 1846
Henry Vincent PepperRochfordMar 1847
Henry Vincent TranterLutonMar 1847
Henry Vincent FenbyLiverpoolSep 1847
Henry Vincent MartinNorthamptonSep 1847
Henry Vincent ClinnickHolbornDec 1847
Henry Vincent MarkswellGreenwichDec 1847
Henry Vincent WilliamsonBermondseyJun 1848
Henry Vincent HaddockLeedsSep 1848
Henry Vincent ParrettClerkenwellSep 1848
Henry Vincent StringerChorltonMar 1849
Henry Vincent HuttonSheffieldJun 1849
Henry Vincent GilstonLeedsSep 1849
Henry Vincent BedmoreWisbeachSep 1850
Henry Vincent MitchellBermondseySep 1850
Henry Vincent ShoobridgeMallingSep 1850
Henry Vincent CooperS PancrasMar 1851
Henry Vincent ParkerBathMar 1851
Henry Vincent FlowerBinghamDec 1851
Henry Vincent ButterWisbeachJun 1852
Henry Vincent ButterWisbechJun 1852
Henry Vincent CleasbyMaryleboneSep 1852
Henry Vincent GregoryPoplarDec 1852
Henry Vincent BerryOldhamMar 1853
Henry Vincent BradburyEcclesallMar 1853
Henry Vincent DurantGt.YarmouthMar 1853
Henry Vincent SmallwoodWalsallMar 1853
Henry Vincent CookeChesterfieldSep 1853
Henry Vincent FittockTruroDec 1853
Henry Vincent HolnessEastryMar 1854
Henry Vincent SmithGravesendMar 1854
Henry Vincent TrimlettSt PancrasMar 1854
Henry Vincent HowardPrestonJun 1854
Henry Vincent GreenClitheroeMar 1855
Henry Vincent HobbsThanetMar 1855
Henry Vincent LaceyHolbornMar 1855
Henry Vincent YatesRochdaleMar 1855
Henry Vincent HodgsonSunderlandJun 1855
Henry Vincent WilsonHendonJun 1855
Henry Vincent MarriottEcclesall BSep 1855
Henry Vincent BullStaffordDec 1855
Henry Vincent MatherChorltonDec 1855
Henry Vincent ClaytonStrandDec 1856
Henry Vincent PettmanSt George Hanover SquareDec 1856
Henry Vincent PalmerWhitechapelMar 1857
Henry Vincent DurantYarmouthJun 1857
Henry Vincent HodgsonSunderlandJun 1857
Henry Vincent RoweW DerbyJun 1857
Henry Vincent WaytKensingtonJun 1857
Henry Vincent HallSculcoatesSep 1857
Henry Vincent PocockEdmontonDec 1857
Henry Vincent WatsonFleggMar 1858
Henry Vincent PeterLauncestonJun 1858
Henry Vincent Allen TidburyWestminsterJun 1858
Henry Vincent HouckhamMallingDec 1858
Henry Vincent DaviesOswestryMar 1859
Henry Vincent MasonColchesterMar 1859
Henry Vincent OsmondTisburyMar 1859
Henry Vincent WallisSheffieldMar 1859
Henry Vincent ShawWorksopJun 1859
Henry Vincent WatlingSt GilesSep 1859
Henry Vincent CoombsAltonDec 1859
Henry Vincent CarrollNewcastle TMar 1860
Henry Vincent MardlenBedfordMar 1860
Henry Vincent DaviesSt Geo Han SqJun 1860
Henry Vincent DrewHayJun 1860
Henry Vincent Cromwell ThomasHackneyJun 1860
Henry Vincent VanoffClerkenwellSep 1860
Henry Vincent Pri_nit_ ClarkPancrasDec 1860
Henry Vincent PooreAndoverDec 1860
Henry Vincent WilliamsBartonDec 1860
Henry Vincent EdwardsW DerbyMar 1861
Henry Vincent AndrewSt Geo Han SqJun 1861
Henry Vincent HalfordMile EndJun 1861
Henry Vincent RutterMadeleyJun 1861
Henry Vincent DixonGravesendSep 1861
Henry Vincent BallardHartley W.Dec 1861
Henry Vincent TigheClerkenwellDec 1861
Henry Vincent JeffreysSheffieldMar 1862
Henry Vincent PullenMile EndMar 1862
Henry Vincent RoseHertfordMar 1862
Henry Vincent AkedHalifaxJun 1862
Henry Vincent GrindleyAshton under LyneJun 1862
Henry Vincent LloydBedweltyJun 1862
Henry Vincent Rod_ErYeovilJun 1862
Henry Vincent DennisPlymouthSep 1862
Henry Vincent BaileyKensingtonDec 1862
Henry Vincent ButterworthHonitonDec 1862
Henry Vincent BartySt MartinMar 1863
Henry Vincent LloydClerkenwellSep 1863
Henry Vincent DewingHackneyDec 1863
Henry Vincent HaywardAlderburyDec 1863
Henry Vincent JonesGloucesterDec 1863
Henry Vincent RidgwayChorltonDec 1863
Henry Vincent BannisterBradford YkJun 1864
Henry Vincent CarrCastlefordSep 1864
Henry Vincent WallDerbyDec 1864
Henry Vincent WatsonWhitbyDec 1864
Henry Vincent DavisYeovilMar 1865
Henry Vincent HorsfieldGreenwichMar 1865
Henry Vincent HughesCardiffJun 1865
Henry Vincent LamburnStroudJun 1865
Henry Vincent AllansonSheffieldSep 1865
Henry Vincent AndrewsBirminghamSep 1865
Henry Vincent FrostBermondseySep 1865
Henry Vincent William OvertonStepneySep 1865
Henry Vincent BeadleEdmontonDec 1865
Henry Vincent WhiteleyShrewsburyMar 1867
Henry Vincent VincentNewmarketJun 1867
Henry Vincent CastleOldhamSep 1867
Henry Vincent FerrellGatesheadSep 1867
Henry Vincent R BridleKensingtonMar 1868
Henry Vincent MorrisLiverpoolMar 1868
Henry Vincent DoddNantwichJun 1868
Henry Vincent RoperMildenhallJun 1868
Henry Vincent DancocksKensingtonSep 1868
Henry Vincent SoltanPlymptonSep 1868
Henry Vincent PeytonI. WightDec 1868
Henry Vincent HaganBrightonJun 1869
Henry Vincent HoldenPatringtonJun 1869
Henry Vincent OwenCardiffJun 1869
Henry Vincent KayeW. DerbySep 1869
Henry Vincent PopeWarwickSep 1869
Henry Vincent GoddardBrightonDec 1869
Henry Vincent BakerBirminghamMar 1870
Henry Vincent HassallW. DerbyMar 1870
Henry Vincent HowardSpaldingMar 1870
Henry Vincent CartledgeLewishamJun 1870
Henry Vincent HuntSheffieldJun 1870
Henry Vincent HicksonWalsallSep 1870
Henry Vincent MosesW. DerbySep 1870
Henry Vincent WebbDursleySep 1870
Henry Vincent CarterWeymouthDec 1870
Henry Vincent HoweBarnetDec 1870
Henry Vincent PeatCroydonDec 1870
Henry Vincent FlemingNewcastle T.Mar 1871
Henry Vincent JamesBartonMar 1871
Henry Vincent MaggsBathMar 1871
Henry Vincent ClarkeNottinghamJun 1871
Henry Vincent GurneyHackneySep 1871
Henry Vincent SmithBirminghamSep 1871
Henry Vincent TiteNorthamptonSep 1871
Henry Vincent FerrisDartfordDec 1871
Henry Vincent HookerSt.Geo.H.Sq.Dec 1871
Henry Vincent JohnsonNottinghamDec 1871
Henry Vincent LaybournPancrasDec 1871
Henry Vincent MasefieldEcclesall B.Dec 1871
Henry Vincent BrownEast RetfordSep 1872
Henry Vincent TreleavenTavistockDec 1872
Henry Vincent WrightBurtonDec 1872
Henry Vincent FerroW. DerbyMar 1873
Henry Vincent FerroW. DerbyMar 1873
Henry Vincent RobertsHardingstoneMar 1873
Henry Vincent DykeMerthyr T.Jun 1873
Henry Vincent EmeryStoke T.Jun 1873
Henry Vincent FrancisBethnal GreenJun 1873
Henry Vincent NaylorMile EndSep 1873
Henry Vincent ArthursTivertonDec 1873
Henry Vincent BradburySheffieldDec 1873
Henry Vincent OxberryW. DerbyDec 1873
Henry Vincent RaynerPoplarDec 1873
Henry Vincent BarnesKensingtonMar 1874
Henry Vincent VincentKensingtonMar 1874
Henry Vincent EatheringtonNottinghamJun 1874
Henry Vincent NowneSt. OlaveJun 1874
Henry Vincent ReesPancrasJun 1874
Henry Vincent ReisPancrasJun 1874
Henry Vincent R RobertsWakefieldJun 1874
Henry Vincent RuckleyPancrasJun 1874
Henry Vincent WheelhouseDoncasterJun 1874
Henry Vincent HurdBirminghamDec 1874
Henry Vincent PurbrickSt. OlaveDec 1874
Henry Vincent McdermotHuddersfieldMar 1875
Henry Vincent ThorpeTunbridgeMar 1875
Henry Vincent BentTowcesterJun 1875
Henry Vincent Du PuyAstonJun 1875
Henry Vincent YoungCamberwellJun 1875
Henry Vincent AdamsCambridgeDec 1875
Henry Vincent BeardAstonDec 1875
Henry Vincent DurandCroydonDec 1875
Henry Vincent HaddowBedfordDec 1875
Henry Vincent CampionChorltonMar 1876
Henry Vincent DaviesLeedsMar 1876
Henry Vincent HeyworthHaslingdenMar 1876
Henry Vincent MorleyClitheroeMar 1876
Henry Vincent SpallBethnal GreenMar 1876
Henry Vincent BoltonHartlepoolJun 1876
Henry Vincent CorrallLeicesterJun 1876
Henry Vincent HarrisPontypoolJun 1876
Henry Vincent HarrisAxbridgeJun 1876
Henry Vincent DaviesPancrasDec 1876
Henry Vincent FurlongerMiddlesbro'Dec 1876
Henry Vincent HarrisonPortsea .Dec 1876
Henry Vincent KnightBraintreeDec 1876
Henry Vincent MarkhamLutonDec 1876
Henry Vincent SmithGravesendDec 1876
Henry Vincent FunnellLewesMar 1877
Henry Vincent PearsonFyldeMar 1877
Henry Vincent RiderBrentfordMar 1877
Henry Vincent AshtonBoltonJun 1877
Henry Vincent RevillLincolnJun 1877
Henry Vincent SykesHuddersfieldJun 1877
Henry Vincent AtkinsonYorkSep 1877
Henry Vincent DaviesWellington, Sh.Sep 1877
Henry Vincent HaworthChorltonSep 1877
Henry Vincent MephamHailshamSep 1877
Henry Vincent SargentBartonSep 1877
Henry Vincent GrayChorltonDec 1877
Henry Vincent Le GrandeThanetDec 1877
Henry Vincent MennellMaltonDec 1877
Henry Vincent EdwardsOldhamMar 1878
Henry Vincent GarmanPoplarMar 1878
Henry Vincent HartleyRochdaleMar 1878
Henry Vincent HigginsWellsMar 1878
Henry Vincent SheldonW. BromwichMar 1878
Henry Vincent G MartinStoke D.Jun 1878
Henry Vincent HuttonWharfedaleSep 1878
Henry Vincent TanfieldLeedsSep 1878
Henry Vincent BaxterBlackburnDec 1878
Henry Vincent HealySt. Geo. H. SqDec 1878
Henry Vincent MooreWandsworthDec 1878
Henry Vincent PlantCheadleDec 1878
Henry Vincent T ProcterHastingsDec 1878
Henry Vincent SimpsonDarlingtonDec 1878
Henry Vincent BaxSt. SaviourMar 1879
Henry Vincent ClarityHackneyMar 1879
Henry Vincent DeakinGodstoneMar 1879
Henry Vincent HastieDoncasterMar 1879
Henry Vincent KeelingStoke T.Mar 1879
Henry Vincent DewarPrescotJun 1879
Henry Vincent FarringtonManchesterJun 1879
Henry Vincent HallowellHalifaxJun 1879
Henry Vincent HeapHaslingdenJun 1879
Henry Vincent HewittSculcoatesJun 1879
Henry Vincent HowellNewport, M.Jun 1879
Henry Vincent JonesAtchamJun 1879
Henry Vincent LewisKensingtonJun 1879
Henry Vincent NotcuttBedminsterJun 1879
Henry Vincent ScullyHackneyJun 1879
Henry Vincent F BlackmanMaryleboneSep 1879
Henry Vincent BrookeHuddersfieldSep 1879
Henry Vincent BlakeW. DerbyDec 1879
Henry Vincent CooperBlackburnDec 1879
Henry Vincent HaywardWarwickMar 1880
Henry Vincent HerdBoltonMar 1880
Henry Vincent LovejoyPoplarMar 1880
Henry Vincent MarkhamYorkMar 1880
Henry Vincent PurcellBeverleyMar 1880
Henry Vincent ReaderW. DerbyMar 1880
Henry Vincent D CrewWellingbro'Jun 1880
Henry Vincent GreenAstonJun 1880
Henry Vincent GreenAstonJun 1880
Henry Vincent HawkinYorkSep 1880
Henry Vincent SawtellEcclesall BierlowSep 1880
Henry Vincent L AndrewsSt OlaveDec 1880
Henry Vincent HaighHalifaxDec 1880
Henry Vincent BayleyGreenwichMar 1881
Henry Vincent GrimshawAltrinchamMar 1881
Henry Vincent HardwickTenburyMar 1881
Henry Vincent GarnettNantwichJun 1881
Henry Vincent T JohnsonDoverJun 1881
Henry Vincent BroadleyAucklandDec 1881
Henry Vincent HintonCoventryDec 1881
Henry Vincent KnaptonShardlowDec 1881
Henry Vincent P LaneWoolwichDec 1881
Henry Vincent SmithFyldeDec 1881
Henry Vincent HemmingKing's N.Mar 1882
Henry Vincent D WeeksBasingstokeMar 1882
Henry Vincent BritnellWycombeJun 1882
Henry Vincent BuntonSunderlandJun 1882
Henry Vincent PowellShoreditchJun 1882
Henry Vincent CarterPoplarSep 1882
Henry Vincent CharnleyAltrinchamSep 1882
Henry Vincent Hind_AughS. ShieldsSep 1882
Henry Vincent MillwardSt. AsaphSep 1882
Henry Vincent WrightCheadleSep 1882
Henry Vincent GarnerW. DerbyDec 1882
Henry Vincent WalmsleyBlackburnDec 1882
Henry Vincent WillingsHartlepoolDec 1882
Henry Vincent RileyLeedsMar 1883
Henry Vincent BuckleySalfordJun 1883
Henry Vincent L BeaumontSheffieldSep 1883
Henry Vincent CordingleyHullSep 1883
Henry Vincent HilditchNewcastle LSep 1883
Henry Vincent FreemanRotherhamDec 1883
Henry Vincent KitchenerEdmontonDec 1883
Henry Vincent MoorSt.SaviourDec 1883
Henry Vincent BishopSheffieldMar 1884
Henry Vincent BowverHerefordMar 1884
Henry Vincent HulkesHolbornMar 1884
Henry Vincent LockwoodIslingtonMar 1884
Henry Vincent MarriottW. DerbyMar 1884
Henry Vincent MatthewsHonitonMar 1884
Henry Vincent StevensWarwickMar 1884
Henry Vincent BudgeLeedsJun 1884
Henry Vincent GermanIslingtonJun 1884
Henry Vincent PettmanKensingtonJun 1884
Henry Vincent WhitmorePlomesgateJun 1884
Henry Vincent BulloughSalfordSep 1884
Henry Vincent FurberChardSep 1884
Henry Vincent G GallottLambethSep 1884
Henry Vincent LemonLeicesterSep 1884
Henry Vincent W WaiteSt. Geo. H. Sq.Sep 1884
Henry Vincent WoodHuddersfieldSep 1884
Henry Vincent GraingerKensingtonDec 1884
Henry Vincent KellyYorkDec 1884
Henry Vincent KnightHullDec 1884
Henry Vincent BevingtonNewton AMar 1885
Henry Vincent FullbrookBrightonMar 1885
Henry Vincent JebbBirkenheadMar 1885
Henry Vincent JeffBirkenheadMar 1885
Henry Vincent SwallowPrestwichJun 1885
Henry Vincent D GreenW. HamSep 1885
Henry Vincent LaceyMaryleboneSep 1885
Henry Vincent WilliamsDudleySep 1885
Henry Vincent GibbonsStoke TDec 1885
Henry Vincent GreavesHuddersfieldDec 1885
Henry Vincent C JohnsonPontefractDec 1885
Henry Vincent StrakerEdmontonDec 1885
Henry Vincent WhartonH.HempsteadDec 1885
Henry Vincent BerryPrestwichMar 1886
Henry Vincent BoultonNantwichMar 1886
Henry Vincent BunneySwanseaMar 1886
Henry Vincent HowardEcclesall BMar 1886
Henry Vincent OwenChesterMar 1886
Henry Vincent RichardsonLiverpoolMar 1886
Henry Vincent W VerseyLondon C.Mar 1886
Henry Vincent MillardFulhamJun 1886
Henry Vincent HardyLiverpoolSep 1886
Henry Vincent D LiversidgeEcclesall B.Sep 1886
Henry Vincent LloydBedweltySep 1886
Henry Vincent LoweLincolnSep 1886
Henry Vincent MillsW. HamSep 1886
Henry Vincent RuckleyBirkenheadSep 1886
Henry Vincent LucasHackneyDec 1886
Henry Vincent ClarkSt. OlaveMar 1887
Henry Vincent DavisHackneyMar 1887
Henry Vincent WilliamsAbergavennyMar 1887
Henry Vincent BrownBoltonJun 1887
Henry Vincent LemonLeicesterJun 1887
Henry Vincent PaineIslingtonJun 1887
Henry Vincent BadcockHackneySep 1887
Henry Vincent JamesWincantonSep 1887
Henry Vincent MartynBethnal GreenSep 1887
Henry Vincent SimmonsTeesdaleSep 1887
Henry Vincent HartleyBurnleyDec 1887
Henry Vincent HowardBethnal GreenDec 1887
Henry Vincent W TaylorE PrestonMar 1888
Henry Vincent BillyealdNottinghamJun 1888
Henry Vincent PearceW. HamJun 1888
Henry Vincent RavenRichmond, SJun 1888
Henry Vincent CookDunmowSep 1888
Henry Vincent HayesEcclesall B.Sep 1888
Henry Vincent HickmanSt. Alban'sSep 1888
Henry Vincent StreetPrestwichSep 1888
Henry Vincent A BriscoeHackneyDec 1888
Henry Vincent FryMalmesburyDec 1888
Henry Vincent HeffernanSt. OlaveDec 1888
Henry Vincent MarriottEcclesall BDec 1888
Henry Vincent MoffattLiverpoolDec 1888
Henry Vincent RayNantwichDec 1888
Henry Vincent ForsterWarringtonMar 1889
Henry Vincent LeaghCardiffMar 1889
Henry Vincent StoweLeicesterMar 1889
Henry Vincent WaringWirralMar 1889
Henry Vincent WaughChorltonMar 1889
Henry Vincent JohnstonCarlisleJun 1889
Henry Vincent LloydHackneyJun 1889
Henry Vincent MarsonNottinghamJun 1889
Henry Vincent LubmannW.HamSep 1889
Henry Vincent CrowTynemouthDec 1889
Henry Vincent JenkinsSwanseaDec 1889
Henry Vincent WilsonNottinghamDec 1889
Henry Vincent SelkirkLeedsMar 1890
Henry Vincent TaylorReadingMar 1890
Henry Vincent GoodmanWoolwichJun 1890
Henry Vincent MossCroydonJun 1890
Henry Vincent MurrayWandsworthJun 1890
Henry Vincent RobbinsDoverJun 1890
Henry Vincent GreavesWortleySep 1890
Henry Vincent LoarW. DerbySep 1890
Henry Vincent SlaterPrestwichSep 1890
Henry Vincent VickersCaistorSep 1890
Henry Vincent WillisW. DerbySep 1890
Henry Vincent BagnallBinghamDec 1890
Henry Vincent JamesBedweltyDec 1890
Henry Vincent RoeBarton I.Dec 1890
Henry Vincent BellNewcastle T.Mar 1891
Henry Vincent BrighamPocklingtonMar 1891
Henry Vincent EvansHighworthMar 1891
Henry Vincent NieldOldhamMar 1891
Henry Vincent SmithBromleyMar 1891
Henry Vincent GibsonDurhamJun 1891
Henry Vincent RosierBrentfordJun 1891
Henry Vincent G ScholeyRochfordJun 1891
Henry Vincent WilliamsWrexhamJun 1891
Henry Vincent LeedhamSt. OlaveSep 1891
Henry Vincent WhittakerPrestonSep 1891
Henry Vincent HarrisonDerbyDec 1891
Henry Vincent KnightWolverhamptonDec 1891
Henry Vincent WebsterSheffieldDec 1891
Henry Vincent WoolnoughStroodDec 1891
Henry Vincent BryanSalfordJun 1892
Henry Vincent CarrolSunderlandJun 1892
Henry Vincent HaganW.HamJun 1892
Henry Vincent OldhamCamberwellJun 1892
Henry Vincent SearlLichfieldJun 1892
Henry Vincent BarrCaistorSep 1892
Henry Vincent JonesHolywellSep 1892
Henry Vincent WilliamsBarrow F.Sep 1892
Henry Vincent PilonShoreditchDec 1892
Henry Vincent McnamaraPrestwichMar 1893
Henry Vincent ValeWolverhamptonMar 1893
Henry Vincent WallisHolbornMar 1893
Henry Vincent HuttonSheffieldDec 1893
Henry Vincent MouldW. DerbyDec 1893
Henry Vincent PrattKensingtonDec 1893
Henry Vincent RaynorOldhamDec 1893
Henry Vincent BridgerGreenwichJun 1894
Henry Vincent NuttAstonJun 1894
Henry Vincent WaytKensingtonJun 1894
Henry Vincent TulleyChelseaSep 1894
Henry Vincent PhippsWatfordDec 1894
Henry Vincent BabbsPrescotMar 1895
Henry Vincent GraterTivertonMar 1895
Henry Vincent HarveyNewport M.Mar 1895
Henry Vincent TwiggWest BromwichMar 1895
Henry Vincent HimleyKing's N.Jun 1895
Henry Vincent AslettForehoeSep 1895
Henry Vincent KerrBirminghamSep 1895
Henry Vincent MotleyBirkenheadSep 1895
Henry Vincent WildChorltonSep 1895
Henry Vincent EvansMaltonDec 1895
Henry Vincent GregoryW.DerbyDec 1895
Henry Vincent CopperGreenwichMar 1896
Henry Vincent HarrisFoleshillMar 1896
Henry Vincent SaundersBirkenheadMar 1896
Henry Vincent YeadonWandsworthMar 1896
Henry Vincent GallacherStoke T.Jun 1896
Henry Vincent MorrellStocktonJun 1896
Henry Vincent TompkinsWoodstockJun 1896
Henry Vincent WilkinsonN. BierleyJun 1896
Henry Vincent TansleyNottinghamSep 1896
Henry Vincent BeechWalsallDec 1896
Henry Vincent MillwardDoncasterDec 1896
Henry Vincent SkeltonChelseaDec 1896
Henry Vincent BrownMelton M.Mar 1897
Henry Vincent SumnerHaslingdenMar 1897
Henry Vincent WhatelySouthamptonMar 1897
Henry Vincent GullenW. HamJun 1897
Henry Vincent JaquesWakefieldJun 1897
Henry Vincent HuntleyDoverSep 1897
Henry Vincent JonesNewcastle L.Sep 1897
Henry Vincent ThomasHolywellSep 1897
Henry Vincent J BrownGreenwichDec 1897
Henry Vincent RuffellKensingtonDec 1897
Henry Vincent ShipmanLeedsDec 1897
Henry Vincent CrowChesterfieldMar 1898
Henry Vincent SpallBethnal G.Mar 1898
Henry Vincent BarnesChipping N.Jun 1898
Henry Vincent DunstoneBrightonJun 1898
Henry Vincent LawtonBirkenheadJun 1898
Henry Vincent MalePontypriddJun 1898
Henry Vincent MossRugbyJun 1898
Henry Vincent MossRugbyJun 1898
Henry Vincent TranterRugbyJun 1898
Henry Vincent TurkBarrow S.Jun 1898
Henry Vincent WarrenderWakefieldSep 1898
Henry Vincent CrosbyOldhamDec 1898
Henry Vincent L HarriesNarberthDec 1898
Henry Vincent HughesChorltonMar 1899
Henry Vincent WadeBuryMar 1899
Henry Vincent TomlinsonHartlepoolJun 1899
Henry Vincent KeelerBristolSep 1899
Henry Vincent McreavySunderlandSep 1899
Henry Vincent WinrowKing's N.Sep 1899
Henry Vincent ConnorWoolwichDec 1899
Henry Vincent MastersBathDec 1899
Henry Vincent MosleyPrestwichDec 1899
Henry Vincent CartwrightMiddlesbro36586
Henry Vincent FosterYork36586
Henry Vincent LongstaffDarlington36678
Henry Vincent SpoonerMarylebone36678
Henry Vincent CaseyBethnal G.36770
Henry Vincent FryerWolverhampton36770
Henry Vincent QuinnYork36770
Henry Vincent MasonMonmouth36861
Henry Vincent ThompsonDarlington36951
Henry Vincent JordisonStockton37043
Henry Vincent B WickesPoplar37043
Henry Vincent BunnAylsham37135
Henry Vincent PerryW. Ham37135
Henry Vincent SperringLewisham37135
Henry Vincent HamillBirkenhead37226
Henry Vincent LoweCrickhowell37226
Henry Vincent NightingaleStoke T.37226
Henry Vincent BoydBirkenhead37316
Henry Vincent LintonStrand37316
Henry Vincent MiddletonChapel le F.37316
Henry Vincent TribeBrighton37316
Henry Vincent ForsterPrescot37408
Henry Vincent HackfordSheffield37408
Henry Vincent SawyerPancras37408
Henry Vincent NewmanKingston37500
Henry Vincent PalmerThanet37500
Henry Vincent GoodwinWoolwich37591
Henry Vincent ProctorGateshead37591
Henry Vincent TattonWolstanton37591
Henry Vincent DownesWalsall37681
Henry Vincent PottsStafford37681
Henry Vincent PoyserLeicester37681
Henry Vincent WellsSheffield37681
Henry Vincent WhittingtonSheffield37681
Henry Vincent BirdBarnsley37773
Henry Vincent CravenKnaresborough37773
Henry Vincent LipscombDerby37773
Henry Vincent MooreAshton37773
Henry Vincent D ParryAberystwyth37773
Henry Vincent CleggHaslingden37956
Henry Vincent LambertBurnley37956
Henry Vincent AldwinckleKettering38047
Henry Vincent FerschW. Derby38047
Henry Vincent FerschW Derby38047
Henry Vincent StephensonHoughton38047
Henry Vincent TaylorWandsworth38047
Henry Vincent FoxChorlton38139
Henry Vincent CoulsonScarbro'38231
Henry Vincent ParkerMiddlesbro'38231
Henry Vincent SimpsonLanchester38231
Henry Vincent FoggPrestwich38322
Henry Vincent HoworthPreston38322
Henry Vincent MajorBirkenhead38322
Henry Vincent MarsdenStafford38322
Henry Vincent StevensonHendon38322
Henry Vincent FranklinDover38412
Henry Vincent MosesHull38412
Henry Vincent WilliamsEdmonton38412
Henry Vincent ChallisWycombe38504
Henry Vincent CurtisPontypridd38504
Henry Vincent ClementBethnal G.38596
Henry Vincent LeeMelton M.38596
Henry Vincent PetleyThanet38596
Henry Vincent ShepherdHendon38596
Henry Vincent StokesBridgend38596
Henry Vincent HoughtonPrescot38687
Henry Vincent PorterW. Derby38687
Henry Vincent ReedKendal38687
Henry Vincent SheriffWestminster38687
Henry Vincent SmallwoodGoole38687
Henry Vincent YorkeTewkesbury38687
Henry Vincent CarrieRotherham38777
Henry Vincent L ThomasLlandovery38777
Henry Vincent HodsonEdmonton38869
Henry Vincent KnaptonBirkenhead38869
Henry Vincent WallisWitney38869
Henry Vincent SnuggsBelper38961
Henry Vincent WalmsleyChorlton38961
Henry Vincent DuncumbW. Ham39052
Henry Vincent JennerHailsham39052
Henry Vincent SetchfieldBrentford39052
Henry Vincent DurstonLeicester39142
Henry Vincent BentleyHalifax39234
Henry Vincent PearsonFylde39234
Henry Vincent GrattanKingston39326
Henry Vincent MorreyMt.Drayton39326
Henry Vincent NightingaleW. Bromwich39326
Henry Vincent BlackSheffield39417
Henry Vincent CarrChertsey39417
Henry Vincent KirkBucklow39417
Henry Vincent RainfordW. Derby39417
Henry Vincent WalkerLeeds39417
Henry Vincent BarnettMedway39508
Henry Vincent DaviesBirkenhead39508
Henry Vincent GreggSculcoates39508
Henry Vincent SaysellSwansea39508
Henry Vincent BoydBirkenhead39600
Henry Vincent CooperLanchester39600
Henry Vincent GordonHendon39600
Henry Vincent McdermottHuddersfield39600
Henry Vincent WoodSleaford39600
Henry Vincent L BlackshawLambeth39692
Henry Vincent LangdonWilliton39692
Henry Vincent MeyrickKing's L.39692
Henry Vincent NewberryLeicester39692
Henry Vincent RotheroWolverhampton39692
Henry Vincent WolversonWolverhampton39692
Henry Vincent CollierMedway39783
Henry Vincent MorleyPrescot39783
Henry Vincent ChapmanChester le S.39873
Henry Vincent ChapmanChester le S.39873
Henry Vincent PickeringShardlow39873
Henry Vincent RidgwayChorlton39873
Henry Vincent AbbottW Ham39965
Henry Vincent DelucaWolverhampton39965
Henry Vincent CorbettWrexham40057
Henry Vincent HowellsLlandilofawr40057
Henry Vincent WhitmoreAlton40057
Henry Vincent WillisChester40148
Henry Vincent BradshawHereford40238
Henry Vincent DaviesNarberth40238
Henry Vincent PettitOngar40238

Ernest Jones as a first name

NameRegistration DistrictQuarter Year
Ernest Jones OgdenManchesterDec 1847
Ernest Jones TurnerRotherhamDec 1847
Ernest Jones AllnuttHolbornMar 1849
Ernest Jones MeakinMansfieldMar 1849
Ernest Jones RobertsWareMar 1849
Ernest Jones CorinStoke DamlJun 1849
Ernest Jones MunroHolbornJun 1851
Ernest Jones BurnettBridgwaterSep 1853
Ernest Jones PlummerSt LukeDec 1853
Ernest Jones WiseBradford WMar 1855
Ernest Jones WaltonSculcoatesSep 1856
Ernest Jones SquireBristolDec 1856
Ernest Jones PamphilonHackneySep 1857
Ernest Jones TravisStockportSep 1862
Ernest Jones BayleyBirminghamDec 1864
Ernest Jones CurtisCrickladeJun 1865
Ernest Jones MorganCheltenhamJun 1865
Ernest Jones ReynoldsBirkenheadDec 1865
Ernest Jones WilliamsHackneyDec 1865
Ernest Jones HarrymanMallingMar 1867
Ernest Jones ParkerNottinghamDec 1867
Ernest Jones WoodTynemouthJun 1868
Ernest Jones LeverManchesterDec 1868
Ernest Jones BerryBuryMar 1869
Ernest Jones BriggsBurnleyMar 1869
Ernest Jones BroadbentOldhamMar 1869
Ernest Jones BuckleySaddleworthMar 1869
Ernest Jones ButterworthOldhamMar 1869
Ernest Jones ChadwickAshtonMar 1869
Ernest Jones CrowtherHaslingdenMar 1869
Ernest Jones DavisShoreditchMar 1869
Ernest Jones DawsonOldhamMar 1869
Ernest Jones GuntonHaslingdenMar 1869
Ernest Jones HollosHalifaxMar 1869
Ernest Jones JonesCorwenMar 1869
Ernest Jones JonesOldhamMar 1869
Ernest Jones LiveseyLeighMar 1869
Ernest Jones PriceLondon C.Mar 1869
Ernest Jones SlaterHalifaxMar 1869
Ernest Jones SmithTynemouthMar 1869
Ernest Jones SuthersHuddersfieldMar 1869
Ernest Jones WardBlackburnMar 1869
Ernest Jones BradleyGuisbroJun 1869
Ernest Jones CleggRochdaleJun 1869
Ernest Jones GatleySalfordJun 1869
Ernest Jones HindleBoltonJun 1869
Ernest Jones HowarthManchesterJun 1869
Ernest Jones C OldfieldAshtonJun 1869
Ernest Jones PearsonHelmsleyJun 1869
Ernest Jones WilliamsCliftonJun 1869
Ernest Jones AshurstBarnsleySep 1869
Ernest Jones AttwoodBirminghamSep 1869
Ernest Jones FowlerMacclesfieldSep 1869
Ernest Jones HydeAshtonSep 1869
Ernest Jones UnsworthBoltonSep 1869
Ernest Jones WilliamsonAshtonSep 1869
Ernest Jones DawsonTynemouthDec 1869
Ernest Jones RatcliffeWandsworthDec 1869
Ernest Jones SpringBoltonDec 1869
Ernest Jones TurnerChorltonDec 1869
Ernest Jones WhetterTruroDec 1869
Ernest Jones GallagherBoltonMar 1870
Ernest Jones HolmesBurnleyMar 1870
Ernest Jones JobsonW. HamMar 1870
Ernest Jones MayNorthamptonMar 1870
Ernest Jones StottOldhamMar 1870
Ernest Jones VarrallMedwayMar 1870
Ernest Jones ClarksonBoltonJun 1870
Ernest Jones TarryChesterfieldJun 1870
Ernest Jones BuryBlackburnSep 1870
Ernest Jones HowarthBoltonSep 1870
Ernest Jones InghamAshtonSep 1870
Ernest Jones KellettBoltonSep 1870
Ernest Jones MaudeHalifaxSep 1870
Ernest Jones PearsonHuddersfieldSep 1870
Ernest Jones NuttallBurnleyDec 1870
Ernest Jones OldfieldHuddersfieldDec 1870
Ernest Jones TudorWolstantonDec 1870
Ernest Jones DouglasChorltonMar 1871
Ernest Jones FlitcroftBoltonMar 1871
Ernest Jones JonesChorltonMar 1871
Ernest Jones KershawBlackburnMar 1871
Ernest Jones LaightonChorltonMar 1871
Ernest Jones WilliamsW.DerbyMar 1871
Ernest Jones LiddleAstonJun 1871
Ernest Jones BadleyKendalSep 1871
Ernest Jones LambertHolbornSep 1871
Ernest Jones PriceLondon C.Sep 1871
Ernest Jones WhittakerHaslingdenSep 1871
Ernest Jones HoskinsLambethDec 1871
Ernest Jones ReesHuddersfieldDec 1871
Ernest Jones SmithTynemouthDec 1871
Ernest Jones StratfordWycombeDec 1871
Ernest Jones DooleyW. HamMar 1872
Ernest Jones HetheringtonStocktonMar 1872
Ernest Jones AndrewAshtonSep 1872
Ernest Jones BroughtonBurnleyDec 1872
Ernest Jones OxberryNewcastle On TyneDec 1872
Ernest Jones PogsonHuddersfieldDec 1872
Ernest Jones FosterBradford, Y.Mar 1873
Ernest Jones GittinsAucklandMar 1873
Ernest Jones TurnerHuddersfieldMar 1873
Ernest Jones HarveyAshtonJun 1873
Ernest Jones RobinsonSaddleworthJun 1873
Ernest Jones BlakeleyBurySep 1873
Ernest Jones CunliffeBurySep 1873
Ernest Jones MoranRochdaleSep 1873
Ernest Jones PriceWhitechapelSep 1873
Ernest Jones BlandLeedsDec 1873
Ernest Jones BoothBlackburnMar 1874
Ernest Jones EscottWillitonMar 1874
Ernest Jones HamAxbridgeMar 1874
Ernest Jones ArtleWakefieldJun 1874
Ernest Jones DicksonChorltonSep 1874
Ernest Jones SharmanHolbeckSep 1874
Ernest Jones HirstHalifaxDec 1874
Ernest Jones PriggBedminsterDec 1874
Ernest Jones SchofieldWakefieldDec 1874
Ernest Jones WaltonBarnsleyDec 1874
Ernest Jones WhitworthAshtonDec 1874
Ernest Jones GarsideHuddersfieldMar 1875
Ernest Jones CrumblehulmeChorleyJun 1875
Ernest Jones GriffithsHaverfordwestJun 1875
Ernest Jones LomaxDewsburyJun 1875
Ernest Jones StelfoxAshtonJun 1875
Ernest Jones ChaddertonOldhamSep 1875
Ernest Jones SykesHuddersfieldDec 1875
Ernest Jones WestobyHuddersfieldMar 1876
Ernest Jones HardmanBoltonJun 1876
Ernest Jones WestrayPrestonJun 1876
Ernest Jones WiddupSkiptonJun 1876
Ernest Jones WoolfreyCliftonJun 1876
Ernest Jones McCabeManchesterSep 1876
Ernest Jones SmithBurnleySep 1876
Ernest Jones DentBradford Yorks.Dec 1876
Ernest Jones FisherCongletonDec 1876
Ernest Jones MccallumRochdaleDec 1876
Ernest Jones ShawStockportDec 1876
Ernest Jones TravisStockportDec 1876
Ernest Jones TurnerBuryDec 1876
Ernest Jones CarterNottinghamJun 1877
Ernest Jones MunfordGloucesterJun 1877
Ernest Jones WebbNorthamptonJun 1877
Ernest Jones Broad_EadBradford.YSep 1877
Ernest Jones OxberryGatesheadDec 1877
Ernest Jones ElliottWeymouthMar 1878
Ernest Jones HardyBramleyMar 1878
Ernest Jones HeapBurnleyMar 1878
Ernest Jones NutterBurnleyMar 1878
Ernest Jones WilkinsonChorltonMar 1878
Ernest Jones FollettCamberwellJun 1878
Ernest Jones BennettOldhamSep 1878
Ernest Jones HeatonManchesterSep 1878
Ernest Jones DuxburyBlackburnDec 1878
Ernest Jones CoxBradfieldJun 1879
Ernest Jones DuckworthHuddersfieldSep 1879
Ernest Jones HelliwellBurySep 1879
Ernest Jones JudgeTynemouthSep 1879
Ernest Jones AshcroftChorltonDec 1879
Ernest Jones CrowtherHalifaxDec 1879
Ernest Jones TewDerbyDec 1879
Ernest Jones TownsonBurnleyDec 1879
Ernest Jones LathamBoltonJun 1880
Ernest Jones RobinsonRochdaleJun 1880
Ernest Jones AppleyardBradfordSep 1880
Ernest Jones HaworthBlackburnSep 1880
Ernest Jones ProctorChapel le F.Sep 1880
Ernest Jones EllisGatesheadDec 1880
Ernest Jones EllisGatesheadDec 1880
Ernest Jones UnsworthBuryDec 1880
Ernest Jones HoneychurchSt SaviourMar 1881
Ernest Jones PattersonDurhamMar 1881
Ernest Jones HartBoltonDec 1881
Ernest Jones GathDewsburyMar 1882
Ernest Jones PriceManchesterMar 1882
Ernest Jones GarsideHuddersfieldSep 1882
Ernest Jones WilliamsSwanseaSep 1882
Ernest Jones ByeCaistorDec 1882
Ernest Jones TaylorOldhamMar 1883
Ernest Jones BardsleyPrestwichSep 1883
Ernest Jones DysonHalifaxSep 1883
Ernest Jones MarsdenBlackburnSep 1883
Ernest Jones JacksonHullDec 1883
Ernest Jones GreenBoltonMar 1884
Ernest Jones WilliamsSwanseaMar 1884
Ernest Jones MannOldhamSep 1884
Ernest Jones FarnworthStoke T.Dec 1884
Ernest Jones MathiasCardiganMar 1885
Ernest Jones RhodesBuryMar 1885
Ernest Jones KnightsIslingtonJun 1885
Ernest Jones RobinsonDarlingtonJun 1885
Ernest Jones BuckleyLeicesterSep 1885
Ernest Jones HughesCongletonSep 1885
Ernest Jones JonesOldhamSep 1885
Ernest Jones MillingtonOldhamSep 1885
Ernest Jones SquiresFulhamDec 1885
Ernest Jones DavidNarberthJun 1886
Ernest Jones FlattHoxneJun 1886
Ernest Jones BoydSculcoatesSep 1886
Ernest Jones HillPrestwichSep 1886
Ernest Jones BegbieBurnleyJun 1887
Ernest Jones McnallyManchesterJun 1887
Ernest Jones M TongDewsburyJun 1887
Ernest Jones DurossManchesterMar 1888
Ernest Jones FosterWeardaleJun 1888
Ernest Jones GreyMutfordJun 1888
Ernest Jones NewellTodmordenSep 1888
Ernest Jones PilkingtonBuryDec 1888
Ernest Jones MayoNewentJun 1889
Ernest Jones WilliamsFulhamJun 1889
Ernest Jones BaileyAstonDec 1889
Ernest Jones PendletonSalfordDec 1889
Ernest Jones ScottGatesheadDec 1889
Ernest Jones EdwardsWrexhamJun 1890
Ernest Jones HanksIslingtonJun 1891
Ernest Jones BuryBlackburnDec 1891
Ernest Jones EvansRochdaleMar 1892
Ernest Jones ProbertBedweltyMar 1892
Ernest Jones JessupCamberwellSep 1892
Ernest Jones AllenLambethDec 1892
Ernest Jones SpeakmanAshtonDec 1892
Ernest Jones LiveseyPrestonMar 1893
Ernest Jones WalkerHuddersfieldMar 1893
Ernest Jones S SharpWakefieldSep 1893
Ernest Jones RobinsonSaddleworthDec 1893
Ernest Jones YounghusbandS. ShieldsMar 1894
Ernest Jones MorrellSalfordDec 1894
Ernest Jones ClarkeOrmskirkJun 1895
Ernest Jones ButterfieldBradford, Y.Dec 1895
Ernest Jones GranthamW. DerbyDec 1895
Ernest Jones EvansBurnleyJun 1896
Ernest Jones MarsdenAshtonSep 1896
Ernest Jones BiggsKetteringDec 1896
Ernest Jones DrewTynemouthDec 1896
Ernest Jones W JonesEastbourneMar 1897
Ernest Jones RobertsonHalifaxMar 1897
Ernest Jones WallFulhamJun 1897
Ernest Jones DaviesPontefractSep 1897
Ernest Jones GauntWharfedaleDec 1897
Ernest Jones PrestDewsburyMar 1898
Ernest Jones HowarthStockportJun 1899
Ernest Jones CatherallRochdaleDec 1899
Ernest Jones ParkinsonNorth BierleyDec 1899
Ernest Jones RiddleLanchesterSep 1901
Ernest Jones ByeGrimsbyMar 1901
Ernest Jones WillisPontypoolMar 1901
Ernest Jones ClarkStourbridgeJun 1901
Ernest Jones DouglasChorltonSep 1902
Ernest Jones BurrowsPrestwichJun 1903
Ernest Jones ArtleWakefieldJun 1906
Ernest Jones PattersonGatesheadJun 1906
Ernest Jones DavenportStockportDec 1906
Ernest Jones GregsonOrmskirkDec 1906
Ernest Jones StokesBarton I.Jun 1907
Ernest Jones TravisStockportDec 1907
Ernest Jones BarbenBoltonMar 1908
Ernest Jones TarryChesterfieldMar 1908
Ernest Jones UnsworthChorltonMar 1908
Ernest Jones BurnleyHolbeckJun 1908
Ernest Jones DoylePontypoolJun 1908
Ernest Jones ParrySt AsaphSep 1908
Ernest Jones EllsmoreHerefordMar 1909
Ernest Jones WilcockSaddleworthMar 1910

Charter as a first name

Given Name SurnameDistrictQuarter Year
Charter Jackson SmithLeedsSep 1841
Charter HentyHollingbourneSep 1844
Charter RodgersElySep 1846
Charter TALBOTNewarkMar 1849
Charter ReeveIves StJun 1850
Charter MeeksN WitchfordMar 1854
Charters ParryW.DerbyMar 1855
Charters Stewart_.StonehamDec 1856
Charters B SimondsGreenwichSep 1858
Charters Bernard SimondsGreenwichSep 1858
Charter ELLISSt IvesSep 1860
Charter MEEKSElySep 1863
Charters LITTLECockermouthJun 1864
Charter LavenderSt. IvesJun 1872
Charters ARMSTRONGLongtownMar 1874
Charter Samuel HolbenHuntingdonDec 1879
Charter Harry S CASTLEBarnetDec 1880
Charter DixonUlverstonSep 1882
Charters Henry LittleWhitehavenMar 1885
Charters PARRYOswestryDec 1888
Charters ArmstrongBramptonJun 1891
Charter Clough CarrKeighleySep 1894
Charters WilliamsCockermouthMar 1895
Charter WilkinsonBurnleyDec 1895
Charters Little GRAHAMTynemouthJun 1896
Charters John McGuinnessNewcastle T.Dec 1896
Charters May ARMSTRONGHaltwhistleJun 1899
Charteris Venn R F ElliottWakefieldSep 1901
Charters A ArmstrongCastle W.Mar 1916
Charters B SpoonerFarnhamSep 1917
Charters P LITTLEWhitehavenSep 1920
Charters E K BirchW.DerbyMar 1922
Charters W K BIRCHPrescotMar 1924

Charter as a middle name

NameRegistration DistrictQuarter Year 
Richard Charter BornExeterMar 1838
Elizabeth Charters HighdaleLiverpoolSep 1838
Jane Charter BradfordCambridgeMar 1839
Joseph Charters FletcherPenrithMar 1839
Alfred Charter CheesmanPortsea ISep 1839
William Charter DexterWhitechapelSep 1839
George Charter SmithRoyston &cDec 1839
Ralph Charters ScottPrescotMar 1840
Frederick Charter GlencrossEcclesall BierlowSep 1840
Charles Charter IngryRoystonSep 1840
Robert Charters MarchbankTodmordenDec 1840
Thomas Charter ClarkRoystonSep 1841
James Charter FlandersCaxtonMar 1842
Bennet Charter DisbriRoystonSep 1842
Ann Charter IngoS. ShieldsDec 1843
James Charters ClarkWhitehavenJun 1844
Tom Charter CulpinSt IvesSep 1844
Edward Charters MurrayPlymouthSep 1844
William Charter WalbeyRoystonSep 1844
John Charters DouglassEasingtonJun 1845
Tom Charter SumnerHunsletJun 1845
Margaret Charters VernonBlandfordSep 1845
George Charters WaitTynemouthJun 1848
Robert Charters StewardWirralJun 1849
Edward Charters CommonDarlingtonSep 1849
Charles Charter DoughtyWhitbySep 1849
James Charters GibsonLiverpoolMar 1850
Charles Charter SadlerRoystonDec 1851
Eliza Charters AstonWhitechapelJun 1852
John Charter QuinnLiverpoolDec 1852
Sidney Charter CuthbertIslingtonSep 1853
John Charters BrignellSunderlandSep 1854
Thomas Charter EasterleyHelmsleySep 1854
Ann Charter CowlandHendonMar 1855
Ellen Charter BleachHavantDec 1856
George Charters BirchW BromwichMar 1857
Ellen Charters ColledgeWarwickMar 1858
Thomas Charter ButtPershoreMar 1859
John Charters GibsonSalfordMar 1859
Elizabeth Charters BrewerW. DerbyJun 1859
George Charter WhiteEastrySep 1859
Frederick Charters DouglasGreenwichDec 1859
Charles Charter ExtonWestminsterMar 1860
Thomas Charters SibbaldGlendaleMar 1860
Grace Charters DaglieshCarlisleMar 1862
Mary Charters JohnstonW DerbySep 1862
George Charter SharpRoystonSep 1862
George Charter BellSculcoatesMar 1863
Henry Charters WildayCoventrySep 1863
James Charter KingdomExeterMar 1864
Hannah Charter JonesBradford YkDec 1864
Albert Charter AshboltShoreditchJun 1865
Emma Charters ThomsonW DerbyJun 1865
James Charters CurrieBrentfordSep 1865
Margaret Charters SheffieldCockermouthDec 1865
Thomas Charter AndersonRoystonMar 1867
Beatrice Charter WiltshireE LondonMar 1867
Henry Charter ParsonsBrightonSep 1867
Grace Charters McKieStoke D.Dec 1867
Andrew Charters TreweekMile EndSep 1868
David Charter BesterCaxtonSep 1869
Thomas Charter SharpeRoystonSep 1869
Agnes Charter MasonCambridgeDec 1869
Robert Charter KingSt. IvesMar 1870
Mary Charter SumnerHolbeckMar 1870
Richard Charter BrownBlythingJun 1870
John Charters McGibneyBuckinghamJun 1870
William Charters HoldenPrestonSep 1870
Janet Charters FenwickLongtownDec 1870
William Charter SherwoodHitchinMar 1871
John Charters RobinsonWigtonJun 1871
Robert Charter StricksonOundleJun 1871
James Charters FraserSt. AsaphDec 1871
Richard Charters MillsEdmontonJun 1872
William Charter PiggottLeighton B.Sep 1872
Hannah Charter TindallHelmsleyDec 1872
Henry Charter MunkExeterMar 1873
Eleanor Charters SheaW. DerbyMar 1873
Elizabeth Charter VallerLambethMar 1873
Emily Charters BrewerW. DerbyJun 1873
Samuel Charter WrightKensingtonSep 1873
Frederick Charter BrownDoncasterDec 1874
James Charter HarrisonMedwayMar 1875
John Charter SumnerHolbeckJun 1875
James Charters NoonBerwickMar 1876
James Charters FergusonCockermouthJun 1876
George Charters GodsellI. WightJun 1876
John Charters RobinsonWigtonJun 1876
Emily Charter SharpRoystonJun 1876
Charles Charters ColledgeWarwickSep 1876
Joseph Charter ManthorpeYarmouthSep 1876
James Charters McdonaldWhitehavenSep 1876
Harry Charters ShearingPlomesgateSep 1876
Blanche Charter Bal_UxbridgeDec 1876
Ann Charter SpicerKensingtonJun 1877
Ernest Charter DoidgeTorringtonJun 1878
Ralph Charter MasonCambridgeJun 1878
Charles Charters SmithCaistorDec 1878
John Charters RobinsonWigtonJun 1880
Horace Charter WebbLutonJun 1880
James Charters IrvingCockermouthDec 1880
Kate Charter PriceKensingtonDec 1880
Michael Charters LacyLiverpoolSep 1881
George Charter HarrisonIslingtonDec 1881
John Charters NeillAlnwickDec 1881
Benjamin Charters SheffieldCockermouthJun 1882
Edward Charters WhiteWandsworthJun 1882
Robert Charters CoulthardTynemouthSep 1882
Elizabeth Charters WilsonBerwickMar 1883
John Charters BirchLeedsJun 1883
Andrew Charters StewartWindsorJun 1883
Claude Charter GibbonsStoke T.Sep 1883
Jessie Charters WilliamsonHampsteadDec 1883
Joseph Charters TinnionWigtonMar 1884
Isabella Charters CampbellToxteth ParkJun 1884
Kate Charter RustonMaltonJun 1884
Annie Charters MiddletonCockermouthDec 1884
John Charters NicholsonWhitehavenDec 1884
Greville Charters WalkerCroydonDec 1884
Albert Charter AshboltShoreditchMar 1885
Elizabeth Charters TyrrellWest HamSep 1885
Ethel Charter AllenShoreditchJun 1886
William Charter GoslingFaringdonSep 1886
Leonard Charter GreenhoughBasfordMar 1887
Elizabeth Charter BlackmanKing's N.Dec 1887
Ann Charters MorganPrestonDec 1887
George Charter FinchSculcoatesMar 1888
James Charter GarbettSculcoatesMar 1888
William Charter ShiltonCockermouthDec 1888
Ellen Charters MorganPrestonMar 1890
William Charter PriestCamberwellJun 1890
William Charter WilsonDriffieldSep 1890
Edward Charters BirchLeedsJun 1891
Robert Charters LittleCarlisleJun 1891
Henry Charter BurgessNantwichSep 1891
Cecil Charters SpoonerFarnhamDec 1891
John Charters SymondsMaryleboneDec 1891
Joseph Charter NewlandHitchinMar 1892
Sidney Charters WadmoreI. WightSep 1892
Reginald Charter WoodenPortseaSep 1892
Emily Charters GibsonColchesterMar 1893
Richard Charter MeeksRochdaleSep 1893
Harriet Charters OwenW.DerbySep 1893
Kathleen Charters GoadPlymouthDec 1893
Ada Charter ThorpeHalifaxDec 1893
Thomas Charters RutherfordRothburyMar 1894
Joseph Charters BellNewcastle T.Jun 1894
Alice Charters MorganPrestonJun 1894
Frederick Charter FewellOngarSep 1894
Millicent Charter RobertsonNewcastle T.Sep 1894
Sidney Charter OckmoreWest HamMar 1895
Heather Charters WilksSkiptonMar 1895
Frederick Charter ReeveBiggleswadeJun 1895
Robert Charters CampbellToxteth ParkSep 1895
Leonard Charter StarteCambridgeSep 1895
Alfred Charters NixonWhitehavenDec 1895
John Charter WaymanElyDec 1895
William Charters JonesWigtonMar 1896
Kathleen Charter WilsonCirencesterJun 1896
Herbert Charter OsbornCambridgeDec 1896
Norman Charters HallidayAshtonMar 1897
Henry Charters KirkbyAshborneJun 1897
John Charters MorganPrestonJun 1897
Catherine Charters SibbaldHalifaxJun 1897
Albert Charter Le MillsReadingDec 1897
Minnie Charters FletcherCockermouthMar 1898
Margaret Charters HansonTynemouthJun 1898
Leslie Charter ShearerFarnhamMar 1899
Mabel Charter CoulsonSt. IvesJun 1899
Thomas Charters NicholsonWhitehavenJun 1899
Queenie Charters L BrownRomford61
Hilda Charters HordernW. Derby61
John Charters CowanRothbury153
Sidney Charters SmithGrimsby245
Roy Charters WorthingtonToxteth Park336
Samuel Charters PaidleyNewcastle T.610
James Charters HowardW. Derby883
Joseph Charter BromleyWigton975
Joseph Charters ThompsonCockermouth1156
Leslie Charters WadmoreI. Wight1156
James Charters ClarkeCockermouth1248
William Charters PearsonWirral1340
Ronald Charter LattaCroydon1431
Isabella Charters RichardsonTeesdale1431
Geoffrey Charters ScowcroftAshton1522
Hugh Charters KirkBarton R.1706
Cyril Charter PaineBedford1979
Henry Charters AllenLanchester2162
John Charter BesterEdmonton2162
Joseph Charter TaylorPancras2162
Harold Charter WilkinsonBradford2344
Reuben Charter JonesEcclesall B.2436
Thomas Charter AllenNewport, M.2527
Beatrice Charters StothardSunderland2527
Thomas Charters BailiffCockermouth2617
Leslie Charters ThorneBarton I.2801
Henry Charter PiggottBedford2892
Cyril Charter ShawN. Witchford2983
Katherine Charter BoydNorthwich3075
Frances Charters DickinsonKingston3075
Vera Charters WallWitney3075
Arthur Charter CulpinCamberwell3167
Josephine Charters PattinsonCockermouth3258
Anthony Charters ChapmanTaunton3440
John Charters MurphyPoplar3440
Joseph Charters LaunderCockermouth3623
John Charters McTearCockermouth40238
Joseph Charters ReayWigton3713
Richard Charter RuffSt Ives3713
Robert Charters WatsonBrampton3713
Wilfred Charter ReeveLincoln3805

Some I missed…

After I first posted this page, a number of people got in touch to provide information on ancestors named after Chartist leaders. Their letters appear below.

First named?
You may want to add a further child named after Feargus O’Connor that I have discovered whilst researching my family tree. It is interesting because the child was born in 1840 (earlier than any other you have on your list) and was named at the time of the trial and imprisonment – so perhaps it was a brave move.

The person in question was one Thomas Feargus O’Connor Bramwell, born in Mansfield, Notts (East Midlands) in 1840 and christened on 4 November 1840 in Mansfield. You may also be interested to know that the family resided in the “Rock Houses”, houses created in a sandstone ridge, in Mansfield and were possibly some of the least affluent people in the town – no doubt hence their politics.
Tony Saville

Daughters too
I was delighted to see your website, and its link to the history of Jeremiah Yates (from whom my husband is descended)…we provided the info on Jeremiah to the (very excellent) Potteries website.

I saw the page you had regarding Chartist children being named for the leaders of the movement, and thought you might like to know it wasn’t only boys named thus. Jeremiah named his daughter ‘Mary Frost O’Connor Matthew Yates’ (and his son ‘Jeremiah Hampden Fitzgerald Emmet Yates’ ). In fact the ‘Hampden’ has been in retained in the names of all the generations since, including my daughter – after John Hampden.
Kay Heath