National Land Company conference, 1847

This page lists delegates to the Chartist land conference at Lowbands in August 1847.

The Chartist land campaign reached its high point in 1847. Its historian, Alice Mary Hadfield has described it as the “happiest year” for the land company, with 600 branches across England, Scotland and Wales, and a “fire of faith” having taken hold of the working class.

This was also the year that the first settlers took their places at Heronsgate and Feargus O’Connor aquired Snigs End and Minster Lovell as sites for future settlements. That July, O’Connor was the surprise victor at Nottingham in an otherwise disappointing general election for the Chartists.

A matter of weeks later, the conference of the National Land Company met. As the Northern Star of 21 August reported:

“This body assembled on the People’s Second Estate, Lowbands, Worcestershire, in the splendid school-room, erected in the centre of that beautiful spot, on Monday morning, August 16th.”

James Sweet of Nottingham was, “for the second time” unanimously elected as president of the conference, and the credentials of the 45 delegates read and accepted. Two further delegates – J Edwards of Newton Abbott and J Harding of Worcester – then took their seats.

The main item on the agenda was the separation of the Land Company from its source of funding – a separate Land Bank, set up following the advice of a barrister to hold funds collected from subscribers, with O’Connor as the sole proprietor.

The conference went on to reorganise the Land Company itself, abolishing the separate sections of the company so that it would be managed in future as a single institution, and reducing the price of shares to £1 6s (£1.30p) to overcome legal concerns about members holding “half shares” zoloft online.

In The Chartist Land Company (David & Charles, 1970), Hadfield writes:

“The conference dispersed from Lowbands, where the delegates had been most uncomfortably lodged, as they complained later. Two stage-coaches, each drawn by four horses, took them to the railway at Gloucester.”

Land conference delegates, 1847

Name Representing
Henry Smith Stockport
Isaac Danson Manchester
James Taylor Ashton
Joseph Rogers Manchester
Thomas Rankin Manchester
William Foster Manchester
Daniel Donovan Manchester
John Sutton Manchester
John Nuttal Manchester
William Dixon Manchester
Nicholas Canning Wigan
Jeremiah Yates Potteries
John Warren Stockport
Thomas Webb Stockport
George Stephens Hull
Robert Wild Derby
George Humphries Somers Town
T M Jenkins Ashton
James Saunders Radford
Benjamin Douse Nottingham
James Sweet Nottingham
Thomas Tattersall Bolton
Ralph Entwhistle Blackburn
Robert Kidd Dundee
Zachariah Astill Leicester
Edward Lawless Warrington
Henry Haines Sunderland
James Hoyle Manchester
William Stark Manchester
David Rise Morgan Merthyr
William Monday Northampton
William Jones Leicester
John Gledill Huddersfield
John Jones Bolton
Samuel Kydd Surrey
Duncan Sherrington Glasgow
Charles Willis Rochester
John Hornby O’Connorville
James Grassby Westminster
John Buswell Banbury
John Smith Bradford
Benjamin Barber Bradford
John Grey Blackburn
George Rice Newton Abbott
Anthony Armstead Blackburn
J Edwards Newton Abbott
J Harding Worcester