Chartists in Stockton-on-Tees, Thornaby-on-Tees and Hartlepool

Chartist Ancestors now has an index of some 240 Chartists from the Teesside towns of Stockton-on-Tees, Thornaby-on-Tees and Hartlepool.

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My thanks go to the noted Chartist historian Professor Malcolm Chase of the University of Leeds, not just for his permission to use the list but for inputting all the information from his card index.

Download in Excel: Chartist Stockton database

Chartists in Stockton, Thornaby and Hartlepool.xls

TOWN Name Place of Birth where known Age in 1851 Address (where known) 1847 Address (where known) 1851 Occupation Member of land plan Member of union mill committee
STOCKTON Ableson, William Skelton, Yorkshire 34 2 Clarence St. Cloth Weaver Journeyman YES
STOCKTON Ainsworth, Thomas YES
STOCKTON Alison, William 32 21 Silver St. Shoemaker
STOCKTON Arkle, Robert
STOCKTON Bage, Joseph Yarm, Yorkshire 40 Skinner St. Joiner
STOCKTON Bainbridge, Thomas Newby, Yorkshire 45 William St. 15 James St Agricultural Labourer YES
STOCKTON Baker, Robert Norton, Durham Coachmaker YES
STOCKTON Barham, John Union St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Barnard, William Thistle Green Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Bell, Davis Hewson Whitburn, Durham 56 West Row Labourer YES
STOCKTON Bell, Ralph Black Boy St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Bellears, George Brunswick St. Coachsmith YES
STOCKTON Bennett, Joseph High St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Bennett, Robert Oxford St. Sailor YES
STOCKTON Blackburn, William Whitby, Yorkshire 54 Thistle Green Cherry Lane Tailor YES
STOCKTON Bland, John Housewife’s Lane Labourer YES
STOCKTON Bott, John Raby Castle Inn Potter YES
STOCKTON Bragg, Nicholas
STOCKTON Briggs, Jonathan Thomas St. Engine Fitter YES
STOCKTON Brown, Matthew Union St. Potter YES YES
STOCKTON Brown, William
STOCKTON Bull, William Norton, Durham Potter YES
STOCKTON Burdon, John Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 31 17 East St. Journeyman Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Burton, John Greatham, Durham 38 6 Clarence St. Coal Labourer YES
STOCKTON Callah, John Carroll’s Row Weaver YES
STOCKTON Chapple Sunderland (?)
STOCKTON Chipchase
STOCKTON Clenet, Edward Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 33 2 Paley St. Joiner
STOCKTON Coulson, Cornelius Brampton, Derbyshire 65 Basketmaker YES
STOCKTON Coulson, Joseph Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 36 West St. Thistle Green Tailor YES
STOCKTON Coulson, Thomas Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 27 Norton, Durham Thistle Green Labourer/Basker Maker YES
STOCKTON Cuthbert, David Stokesley, Yorkshire 39 21 Smithfield Potter YES
STOCKTON Cuthbert, Stephen Skinner St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Davison, John
STOCKTON Davison, Thomas Hartlepool, Durham 38 Smithfield Master Mariner
STOCKTON Davison, William Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 34 Brunswick St. Ships Carpenter YES
STOCKTON Dea, John Smith St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Dea, Roger Green Dragon Yard Weaver YES
STOCKTON Dickenson, Thomas Rawmarsh, Yorkshire 35 Percy’s Buildings Potter YES
STOCKTON Dobson, John Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 34 Brunswick St. 17 Brunswick St. Tailor YES
STOCKTON Driver, Jane
STOCKTON Ellerker, Thomas Dovecot St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Elliot, James Skinner St. Sail Cloth Weaver YES
STOCKTON Ellsom, Matthew
STOCKTON Farthing, Thomas Turf Inn, 18 John St. Publican
STOCKTON Fish, William Whitby, Yorkshire 50 William IV Yard Percy’s Buildings YES
STOCKTON Garbutt, Joseph
STOCKTON Garbutt, W.
STOCKTON Gatenby, Mrs
STOCKTON Hagerty, Robert Clarence St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Hall, George Tees St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Harland, James Whitby, Yorkshire 31 31 Tees St. Sailcloth Weaver YES
STOCKTON Harland, John Sleights, Yorkshire 32 Norton Road Mill Wright YES
STOCKTON Harland, John Whitby, Yorkshire 37 16 Tees St. Sailcloth Weaver YES
STOCKTON Harland, John East St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Harland, Richard Great Ayton, Yorkshire 44 Safron St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Harrison, Mrs
STOCKTON Harston, John Newark, Nottinghamshire 47 Elisha Place Elysian Place Weaver YES
STOCKTON Henderson, Henry James St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Hill, W. Ship Builder
STOCKTON Horney, John Kirkham, Lancashire 57 George St. Commercial St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Hugill, George Oxford St. Wheel Wright YES
STOCKTON Hugill, John George Oxford St. Minor YES
STOCKTON Hunter, Michael High St. Linen Draper YES
STOCKTON Hunton, William 20 Thistle Green Ropemaker
STOCKTON Hutton, Mead James St. Tailor YES
STOCKTON Ingledew, William Brickyard Labourer YES
STOCKTON Innis, William Green Dragon Yard Weaver YES
STOCKTON Jackson, John Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 45 Brunswick St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Jackson, John 16 Henzell St Apprentice joiner YES
STOCKTON Jackson, Jonathon Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 39 Oxford St. Henzell St Tailor YES
STOCKTON Janson, Isaac Smithfield Painter YES
STOCKTON Jaques, Marmaduke
STOCKTON Jefferson, Edward Lancaster, Lancashire 39 Clarence Terrace 41 Henzell St Weaver YES
STOCKTON Kelly, Henry Wolviston, Durham 61 Brunswick St. Lodge St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Lamb, Richard Newcastle, Northumberland 35 17 West Row Labourer/Cartman YES
STOCKTON Lancaster, Lancelot Tees St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Lancaster, William Chester-le-Street, Durham 29 Catholic Buildings 18 Haffron St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Lane, James Castle Eden, Durham 38 3 Smith St. Cabinet Maker YES
STOCKTON Laverick, Robert Chairmaker YES
STOCKTON Lee, John Barnard Castle, Durham 23 Square Haffron St. Boliersmith YES
STOCKTON Lishman, Thomas Haffron St. YES
STOCKTON Littlefair, Thomas Seaham, Durham 43 Smithfield Commercial St. Agricultural Labourer YES
STOCKTON Lyth, John Tees St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Mcleod, John Cherry Lane Potter YES
STOCKTON McDadd (?), James Catholic Buildings Blacksmith YES
STOCKTON M’Deaman, Peter Ireland 43 Labourer
STOCKTON McFarling, John Black Boy St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Malabart, Robert Eston, Yorkshire 46 27 Dovecot St. Grocer and Tea Dealer
STOCKTON Marsh, William Haffron St. House Carpenter YES
STOCKTON Merryweather, Mrs Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 35 Carpenter’s Wife
STOCKTON Moore, James
STOCKTON Mortimer, John Clarence St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Mortimer, Robert Clarence St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Myers, Edward (sen.) Ingledews Buildings Potter YES
STOCKTON Myers, Edward (jun.) Ingledews Buildings Potter YES
STOCKTON Myers, Joseph
STOCKTON Myers, Thomas Black Boy St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Padgett, John 31 2 Gent’s Yard Licensed Hawker
STOCKTON Padley, Richard 50 Maritime St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Patey, William
STOCKTON Paxton, Robert Thirkleby, Yorkshire 42 1 West St. Sawyer/Carter YES
STOCKTON Paxton, Thomas 15 West St. Minor YES
STOCKTON Peacock, Isaac Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire 31 Thompson St. Lodge St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Pilkington, William Thompson St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Pilley, John Clarence St. Potter YES
STOCKTON Potter, Thomas Oxford St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Potts, John 38 Clarence St. Garbutt St. Moulder YES YES
STOCKTON Pringle, Adam Labourer/Engine Fitter YES
STOCKTON Prior, John 30 Black Boy St. Hamiltonian Yard Sailor YES
STOCKTON Quarenby, Alexander
STOCKTON Rawling, John 52 William St. East St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Rhodes, Jabez Thomas St. Engine Fitter YES
STOCKTON Richardson, John Norton, Durham Labourer YES
STOCKTON Richardson Schoolmaster
STOCKTON Ripley, George York St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Robertson, John Bookkeeper YES
STOCKTON Robinson, Benjamin Carlton, Yorkshire 57 Bolton House Yard Labourer YES
STOCKTON Robinson, George Union St. Mason YES
STOCKTON Robinson, Henry Paradise St. Moulder YES
STOCKTON Robinson, Joseph Henyell St. Tailor YES
STOCKTON Robinson, Thomas Norton, Durham 46 James St. Starkey St. Salesman YES
STOCKTON Robinson, Thomas 32 Lodge St. 14 James St. Sawyer YES
STOCKTON Robinson, William Paradise St. Moulder YES
STOCKTON Robinson, William Middleton, Durham 43 York St. William St. Blacksmith YES
STOCKTON Robson, Elizabeth Whitby, Yorkshire 68 Clarence St.
STOCKTON Robson, Robert Norton, Durham Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Robson, Thomas Whitby, Yorkshire 25 Tennant St. Paradise St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Russell, George South Shields, Durham 34 West St. 12 East St. House Carpenter YES
STOCKTON Russell, Samuel Square Carpenter YES
STOCKTON Sanderson, John Yarm, Yorkshire 64 Clarence Depots 1 Clarence St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Scrayton, R. 35 Shipwright
STOCKTON Seaton, Paul Labourer YES
STOCKTON Sharp, Abraham
STOCKTON Shelton, John Clarence Lane Weaver YES
STOCKTON Simpson, Benjamin Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 41 16 Commercial St. Ships Carpenter YES
STOCKTON Simpson, John
STOCKTON Simpson, William Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 13 Commercial St. Minor YES
STOCKTON Skews (?), Henry Union St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Slater, John Church Row Weaver YES
STOCKTON Slightholme, John Workington, Cumberland 46 Church Row Weaver YES
STOCKTON Smith, John
STOCKTON Smith, Geroge Whitehaven, Cumberland 24 John St. Labourer/Carpenter YES
STOCKTON Smith, Thomas Bishop Auckland, Durham 60 Victoria Yard Labourer/Flaxdresser YES
STOCKTON Smith, Thomas (jun.) Shoulder of Mutton Yard Sawyer YES
STOCKTON Smithson, Christopher 21 Oxford St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Snaith, Fawcett Stockton-on-Tees, Durham Oxford St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Snaith, George 31 York St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Snaith, Robert Oxford St. Tailor YES
STOCKTON Snaith, Thomas 47 Oxford St. Carpenter YES
STOCKTON Stephenson, William High St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Stonehouse, John
STOCKTON Taylor, James Old Malton, Yorkshire 35 Clarence St. 4 Ropery Walk Groom YES YES
STOCKTON Teasel, William
STOCKTON Thomas, Evan
STOCKTON Thompson, William Norton Road Lead Manufacturer YES
STOCKTON Thornman, James Ropery Cordwainer YES
STOCKTON Todd, Robert Clarence St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Tosh, William Union St. Weaver YES
STOCKTON Turner, George
STOCKTON Wade, James 42 2 Catholic St. Master Bricklayer
STOCKTON Walker, Henry
STOCKTON Waller, William Norton, Durham 32 Tees St. 9 James St. Labourer YES
STOCKTON Ward, Robert Blacksmith
STOCKTON Ward, William Redcar, Yorkshire 28 Dickinson St. Haffron St. Bricklayer YES
STOCKTON Wardell, Thomas Trimdon, Durham 49 Black Boy St. Paradise St. Sailor YES
STOCKTON Watson, James 35 York St. East St. Labourer/Carpenter YES
STOCKTON White, James Billingham, Durham 45 1 Thompson St. Shoemaker YES
STOCKTON Williamson, Thomas Guisborough, Yorkshire 26 South St. 7 Portrack Lane Baker YES
STOCKTON Williamson, William 55 Smith St. Tailor YES
STOCKTON Wilson, George Bishop St.
STOCKTON Wilson, James Clarence St. Engine Driver YES
STOCKTON Wilson, Thomas Servantman
STOCKTON Winspear, Charles
STOCKTON Wren, Sarah
THORNABY Barkly, Jane No Business YES
THORNABY Broadbent, William Housekeeper YES
THORNABY Butterfield, Edward Lofthouse, Yorkshire Potter YES
THORNABY Camble, John
THORNABY Carter, John Castleton, Derbyshire Thornaby Lane Labourer YES
THORNABY Cowley, Robert Wolviston, Durham 30 Club Row Potter YES
THORNABY Davis, Septimus
THORNABY Grafton, John Whitehaven, Cumberland 30 Coal Row Potter YES
THORNABY Henderson, William Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 20 Trafalgar Street Tobacco Pipe Maker YES
THORNABY Hutchinson, William Rotherham, Yorkshire 26 Pottery Bank Potter YES
THORNABY Jubb, Thomas Sailor YES
THORNABY Jubb, William Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 45 Coal Row Potter YES
THORNABY Kelly, Joseph Moulder YES
THORNABY Kelly, Robert Ferryman YES
THORNABY Lishman, Matthew Brittannia St. YES
THORNABY Lonsdale, George Tunstill, Durham 57 Bridge St. Labourer YES
THORNABY McClee, Feargus 25 Potter YES
THORNABY Marshall, William Labourer YES
THORNABY Marshall, William Tobacco Pipe Maker YES
THORNABY Morris, Martin Ships Carpenter YES
THORNABY Robinson, John 47 Bricklayer YES
THORNABY Simpson, Samuel Sawyer YES
THORNABY Umpleby, Thomas 48 Potter YES
THORNABY Walley, Thomas Potter YES
THORNABY Watson, Christopher Newby Wiske, Yorkshire 44 Thornaby Lane Labourer YES
THORNABY Watson, Thomas Clagger YES
THORNABY Willey, John Stockton-on-Tees, Durham 31 Hope Row Shoemaker YES
HARTLEPOOL Bell, George Darlington St./King’s St. Schoolmaster
HARTLEPOOL Black, James Baker YES
HARTLEPOOL Dodsworth, James Shires Yard, High St. Tailor YES
HARTLEPOOL Holman, R. Dock Hotel
HARTLEPOOL Malthous, J. Ironworker
HARTLEPOOL Noble, James Sailor YES
HARTLEPOOL Noble, William (sen.) Labourer YES
HARTLEPOOL Noble, William (jun.) Labourer YES
HARTLEPOOL Parkinson, Mark Shires Yard Tailor YES
HARTLEPOOL Robinson, Robert Henry High St. Tailor YES
HARTLEPOOL Row, William Stanley’s Building Pipemaker YES
HARTLEPOOL Walton, Joseph Northgate St. No Trade YES

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